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Our Trip to the River

Earlier this week, my family and I went on an outing to a nearby river with Bro. Miller (it's on his land where we go to see the baby buzzards each year). Anyway, it's a bit of a swamp in there, and even though we went last year, it was still fun hiking and taking a few pictures of the scenery...HA! Right, a few pictures! More like a lot of pictures! *sheepish grin* Yes, yours truly spent most of her time behind a camera. :) *sigh* When I'm taking a picture, nothing is there but my camera and me...just the two of us together, focusing in and trying to get a good shot. LOL Which often causes obliviousness to what's happening around me...but I'll get to that in a minute!

Those white things you see are lots of cowbirds! :)

*gasp* What's that lurking in the water...a twelve foot long alligator?! Nope, only a little one! It was a this point that I lost contact with the rest of the world. "Okay now, I've got to hold the camera steady, zoom in and focus..." Not a good idea! Because when you're totally focused on taking a picture, comments like, "I'll try to scare him by shooting the pistol," mean absolutely nothing to you until...BOOM!! And would you believe that that alligator didn't even flinch, while the unaware and unprepared camera totin' girl stood there in shock with her ears ringing?! LOL ;)

Seriously, I must remember to be more aware of what's going on around me when I'm taking pictures, or otherwise, I might suffer from lack of hearing! Got that, Erin? Be more AWARE! :D *Promptly goes outside to get some shots of the lovely rainy day and become lost in the the world of megapixels, ISO speed, etc. However, there is one mental note I make...on the next trip to the river, I'm bringing a pair of earmuffs! :OD

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Bailey said...

It looks like you can walk right across the algae!! :P And that alligator/crocodile/caiman thingie does look rather...mysterious in his lurky green lair.

Lizzy Brown said...

Wow... great pictures... but the algae grossed me out... eeewww. Ever since my brother had me close my eyes for a surprise and then dropped a big handful of the slimy stuff into my hands, I have had an aversion... :P LOL But all the same... some of those pictures are just gorgeous! ;)

Erin said...

Hi Bailey! Yeah, that stuff does look like you could walk across it...I've never seen it that thick before! And just think of all the alligators that might be hiding in it! *shudders* ")

Thanks, Lizzy! :D lol If you think the algae looks gross, you should have SEEN the spiders out there! They were huge and I almost kept walking into their webs...yuck! :)


I love your blog designs...I wish I could design blogs..I am so impressed.

Erin said...

Thank you very much, sunshine mom, for your sweet comment!! :D

Elissa said...

Hi Erin,
I awarded you and your blog.

Autumn said...

That is some thick algae. yuck!
Great pics!

Erin said...

Thanks a bunch for the award, Elissa!! :D Hugs!

Thanks, Autumn! LOL The algae WAS really thick and kinda gross to look at! :)