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Blog Award...Hooray! :D

Yay! Thanks a bunch, Elissa, for the "Brillante Weblog" award! Here's what Elissa said about me:

This talented young lady from Georgia has stunning photography, witty posts about her everyday life, and also beautiful blog templates that she designs herself!

I hope to someday soon be able to meet her in person!!!

Wasn't that sweet? :OD Thanks, Elissa!!
Now, I am supposed to choose 7 other bloggers to receive this award, but at the moment, I'm having a brain freeze, so here are 3 bloggers that I have chosen... *clears throat* ...and they are as follows:

Tinker Girl's Blog:
Though we've never actually met face to face, I definitely count Lizzy as one of my best friends! She is extremely sweet and
very talented in many different her blog shows! Her drawings are so realistic and stunning, I always say, "Wow!" when I see a new one. :) Prepare to be impressed when you visit her blog!

Country Charm:
A true "southern belle" (and also my grandmother!), Mam posts about her thrifty finds, interesting "travels", and showcases pictures of her beautiful home and garden! And believe me, it IS I should know as I walk out there quite often (they live next door). :D I love you!

Life With the Ferrells:
If you need a laugh or cry (or both at the same time!) visit Amber Ferrell's blog! Her clever posts contain not only AMAZING photography, but inspiring windows into her life as a wife and mother of three...from hilarious everyday incidents to their ups and downs with sweet baby Nathan's struggles, you'll be glad you visited! :OD

On another note, watch the video below to see what reaction this obsessive photographer (moi) has caused in her youngest brother every time he sees a camera! :)
*Note: For some weird reason, you'll probably have to play through the video once before you'll be able to watch it without the thing pausing every second! :D

2 thoughts:

Bailey said...

LOL!!! Erin, I LOVE your accent!!! :) Pray don't be offended; I miss Texas and all the *weird* (who sets the standards of "weird", I'd like to know?) Southern accents. :P And congrats on the award!! I always love to visit your blog. :) Amen to what you said about Lizzy and her blog, too. ;)

Erin said...

Thanks, Bailey!
LOL No, I'm not offended at all! :D I crack up listening to can definitely tell where I come from! :) When we went to that writer's conference in NC last year, one of the girls there said, "Everybody stop talking and just listen to Erin's accent...doesn't she sound neat?!" lol ;)