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My "Art"

As I've told many of my blogging friends, my artistic abilities are zip, zilch, zero, nada, goose egg! :) Hence, the drawing that you see below is a *cough* display of my artistic endeavors:

Well, I can also doodle stars, but that's about it. Even now, you can see that this drawing was rendered on the computer (where I am at home LOL). Half the time, my little stick figure creations on actual paper have lop-sided heads due to the fact that I can't draw a nicely rounded circle very well! Yes, I do sometimes wish back the days of kindergarten where you were simply given a coloring sheet and all you had to do was grab your box of Crayolas and get to work...I distinctly remember having the most trouble coloring a duck. I mean, aren't duck bills more reddish than orange (hey, I was five)! Therefore, shouldn't I color the duck bill a nice shade of fire engine red? :)

When I did do my own drawings back then, my characters looked more like "potato people" than anything else! An example:

As you can see, my artistic abilities have advanced some, but not too much! :D Elisabeth insists that she's sure I could do better if I really tried. ;) little stick figure resents the implication that she is possibly not very well drawn! :OD Hey, I think there might be some similarities between her and someone else we know. What do you think?

You know what, wait, don't answer that! LOLOL ;)
Well, after this very pointless post (during which I've come to the conclusion that I need to stick to photography :D) I shall close! Good-bye! :)

4 thoughts:

Bailey said...

Who's been telling you you can't draw??? Why, you're right on par with all the other modern artists! Hey--just get out a ruler and draw a straight pencilled line from one end to the other. Voila! Or if that's too hard, paint the whole canvas one nice shade of blue. Presto! Modern art!
Love ya!
*Art suggestions courtesy of the Dallas Museum of Modern Art*

Carla said...

haha, cute post!

Autumn said...

That was a really funny post. I rather liked those stick figures. I can't even do that well!
You are very good at blog designing, so that makes up for any lack of artistic ability you may have. Although, I bet that you are actually pretty talented.

Betty said...

Too cute!