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What I've Been Up To Lately...

...Photo shoots! I've had five so far and have had a lot of fun doing it! Every single kid I've photographed has been sooo cute! :D Since I'm a "natural light" photographer, we've conducted the "sessions" in front of the barn behind our house (hey, it makes a nice rustic backdrop :D), in front of our whitewashed picket fence, and in my grandparent's garden. Oh, and one down by the pond, too. :)'s a selection of some of my favorite shots from each shoot!

Photo Session 1:
Look at those blue eyes...I do believe that this little man is going to have young maidens heaving heartfelt sighs one day! :D
Isn't she wearing the sweetest outfit? :)

Photo Session 2:
Look at those beautiful curls! :D

By the fish pool...

Photo Session 3:

Another little man with stunning blue eyes!

Smiling sweetly!

Photo Session 4:

My li'l twin cousins...aren't they sweet? :D

"Sleeping Beauty"

And "Sleeping Handsome" ;)

Photo Session 5:

LOL I just love this expression!

Posing prettily!

And that's all, folks! I had many more that I wanted to share, but that would accumulate to quite a lot of photos! :)
Have a great night!

6 thoughts:

Autumn said...

I always love to see your pictures. These one are REALLY good. I don't know which one I like best...
I linked you to my blog, "Butterfly Kisses."

Stacie said...

I found you through Autumn's blog! I love your blog! I love photography and want to be a photographer! Your pictures are AMAZING! Did you use photo shop to edit those that are done in black and white? It really looks amazing whatever you did. Black and white are my favorite ever. lol
I'll link you to my blog. Mine is Peculiar Treasures.
Have a nice day!

Stacie said...

lol I just read your profile, and I am an 11th grade homeschooler too! And I babysit too. haha I write poetry. Do you write stories? Poems? Or both?

Bailey said...

Ooh, another success!! *Cute* doesn't even begin to describe all those li'l ones. ;)

Erin said...

Thanks Autumn!! I've now linked to you, too...your blog is beautiful! :OD

Thanks a bunch, Stacie! I really enjoyed my visit to your blog...I'll link to you as well. :D We do seem to have a lot in common! I love to write...especially poems and stories! Oh, and I used Picasa 2 to turn my photos into b/w...I have photoshop, too, but I've found that Picasa works really well. :D

Thanks Bailey!! Weren't all the kids so adorable? :) I joke that it's super easy to take pictures of such great subjects! :D

Too Organized said...

When's my turn? Can I get a turn? I really need some of these for the website!