It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


Simply Because

Simply because Mom's birthday was earlier last week, we traveled to the Dairy Queen.

The Dairy Queen which is about twenty miles away.

Which is okay because I would travel a lot farther than that for Dairy Queen icecream.

(The photo above is not of Dairy Queen. We might live in the South, but our Dairy Queen's do not look like old brick buildings. That right there old brick building. It's on the other side of the parking lot behind a red fence with a chicken strip sign).

I'm glad I could be here to clarify that for you.

Simply because this young lady right here was the birthday girl, she needed a birthday photo. The clapping of the hands is a typical pose for this mama when she is excited about something.

She had ordered a Reeses icecream.

I'll leave it to your deduction to decide what she might have been excited about.

Simply because the 'Life is a Highway' song from the Cars soundtrack was playing on the radio and this angle looked much like Radiator Springs.

Later, Mater.

(By the way, this photo right here is not of the Dairy Queen. We might live in the South, but our Dairy Queen's do not look like old brick buildings--

I think we might have been over this already.)

Simply because photos of Butterfinger icream in front of the dashboard with an old flea market in the background are classic.

Just classic.

Simply because one can never have too many photos of Butterfinger icecream. 

It's a mixture of tiny chunks of a Butterfinger bar with much vanilla icecream added for good measure.

In short, it equals happiness of the taste buds.

Simply because the price of gas has gone down a couple of cents and deserved a 'pat on the back' photo.

Simply because Ellie was trying to eat her Georgia Fudge Mudslide icecream and it was fun to shove the phone's camera in her face and ask annoying, rhetoric questions.

Is the icecream good?

Is the icecream delicious?

Is the icecream melt-in-your-mouth-and-turn-cartwheels-in-the-grass yummy?

Am I repeating myself?

Ellie, why aren't you answering me?

She loves icecream.

And she loves me in spite of me.

Simply because summer days are speeding past and will creep into autumn the very moment that we blink.

Simply because we sometimes need to stop and smell the roses, er, taste the iceream, of this sweet, simple, sometimes sad, more often happy, blessed, beautiful life.

Simply because.


A big congratulations to Dodi for being voted the winner of the {Framed} Photo Challenge with her awesome 'fairytale-esque' photo! I'll contact you shortly and we can go through getting your prize to you. :)

Have a great day, friends!

9 thoughts:

Kristin said...

Dairy Queen Blizzards are one of the greatest things ever created. :)


Bailey said...

Why didn't you invite me??? It was my birthday too...a month ago.

KyAnn said...

Mmm...DQ ice cream!! Now I'm in the mood for some. :-)


Betty said...

I'm delighted, I say delighted, that Amy finally got that DQ ice cream that she had dreamed about for days!!!!

Looks like everyone else enjoyed one also....


Dodi said...

Yummmmm... I LOVE DQ blizzards a lOt!!
Yay.... I won:))
Thanks so much Erin:)

Bethany Grace said...

Ummm, really, for my birthday, I'm completely walking to your seem to have an abundance of delicious ice cream. :)

Alexxus H. said...

Haha - I love Dairy Queen :)

♫book blogger said...

I love Dairy Queen! It's so awesome!

Congrats on winning, Dodi!

♥Book blogger

Hannah said...

I LOVE ice cream!! xD My new favorite quote is: "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that's pretty much the same thing" ;)

I didn't know you lived in GA before. That's so cool! xD Where in GA? I live in Brunswick. :D New follower :)