It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


south carolina, low country

For my family, Labor Day Weekend entailed a mini-vacation to Charleston, SC. I had never been and so drank in every sight, smell, and sound.

Oh yes, and captured everything I could with my camera.

In short, this post is the calm before the storm. The post preceding the one that will be stuffed with every photo imaginable. The post that will leave your browser gasping for breath at the amount of photos to load and saying, "Never visit her blog again. Did you hear me? Never." And then it threatens to go on strike should you try.
Below you will find a video I put together of our fun time. Click 'play' to enjoy the best five minutes of your life.

Of the past hour.

Of the last ten minutes.

Oh, you know you have nothing better to do at the moment. ;)

Note: The girl in the blue is me. The girl in the black is Elisabeth. And everyone else is everyone else. I'm assuming you'll be able to distinguish Mom from Dad, Gangy from Ellie, Wesley from--

Cough. Please proceed.

11 thoughts:

DixieSuzanne said...

Bring on the pictures! I love the pink wall/mantle pic and the tree pic!

Sarah-Anne said...

totally gonna come back to see your amazing pictures, friend. totally.

Beth said...

LOVE the video and can't wait for more pictures :) Glad y'all had a good trip!!!

Emily N. said...

Ahhh! I can't wait to see your pictures, friend!

Bahaha... Btw, it was really fun to be able to point out different places that I visited with my family in Charleston. Although, I think my family thinks I'm really crazy now because I was pretty much freaking out when I was watching the video. Haha! You should have heard me. "Oh, look! I was there too! Erin, stood beside that tree! OMG, I took a picture beside that building!

Yes, I'm crazy. Although, you already knew that. Haha.

Love you, Erin! Glad you had a great trip! =)

Johanna Grace said...

Your family is so cute! Love the pictures! Can't wait for more :)

♥ Johanna

Betty said...


Glad you had a wonderful trip...


Erin said...

Thank y'all! All right then, y'all asked for it. An avalanche of photos is soon to follow. ;)

Emily- Eeee! Seriously? That's so neat!! Haha--well, if you're crazy, then I must be, too, because I was just about squealing when I read your comment. ;) Thanks--love you, too!

KyAnn said...

Hope you had a great trip! Can't wait to see all the photos!! :-)


Amy O'Quinn said... I wanna go back...right now! That was such a wonderful trip, and seeing it all on the video makes the memories even more 'memorable.' Great job!

Dodi said...

Awwww, that video was so cool:)
That looks like sooo much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I can totally handle the photos - can't wait to see them! Love the video - the little cabin is fantastically adorable!