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It's taken me much longer than it should've, but I've finally added a poll to my sidebar for you to vote on your favorite photo from my {Framed} Photo Challenge.

The entries to cast your vote for are:

Thanks a bunch to the three of you for entering each of your lovely photos and good luck!


Before we say adios, I wanted to share this slightly messy hairstyle with you. I saw a photo of it on Pinterest with directions. So I tried it out. It requires sectioning your hair into two braids, tying the braids together in the back, and pinning with as many bobby pins as it takes. 
 See? Simple, quick, and easy. Given you have bobby pins. I had to buy a pack just so I could do this hairstyle as my other pack disappeared some time ago.

Let me give you a quick lesson. *leans forward and lowers voice*

Keep your friends close and your bobby pins closer.

I kid you not. If you want to create pretty hairstyles, you must take my advice to heart. For bobby pins have an odd way of vanishing one by one until you're forced to break down and purchase their replacements at Wal-Mart. So keep one eye on them even in sleep lest they sprout tiny centipede legs and crawl away. I'm pretty sure it happens.

Well, do you have a better theory? ;-)

Have a great day, friends. Please don't forget to vote!

8 thoughts:

Betty said...

I like the 'do'!

Wish I had seen it 'in person'...

Love you,

Amanda said...

Love the entries! And definitely love the hairstyle!

Johanna Grace said...

I voted!!! I wish I could have entered... I never found my frame... :\

I'm hosting a photo contest/giveaway on my blog by the way, I would love for you to join! ;)


Rebecca said...

Hi Erin!! I have a giveway going on at my blog, If you could join, I would LOVE it!!!!

Blessings in Christ,

Jennoelle said...

Haha, I love what you said about bobby pins! It's every so true, sadly. ;]


~Miss Raquel said...

Hello dear!

I'm so glad I came across your blog!! It's so lovely and I feel we have a lot in common! Keep up the good work - you have amazing photography too!

~Miss Raquel

Rissi said...

Cool pictures, Erin. =)

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Love that pretty hairstyle!

The pictures are all so cute...such a difficult choice.