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{Three Things} That Normal People Wouldn't Do

There are things, certain oddities, that normal people simply wouldn't do.

Below you will find lovely examples that illustrate what I mean.

1. In the first place, normal people wouldn't find themselves stretched out on the ground in the front yard with corners of the brick walkway gouging into their hands and knees. And they certainly wouldn't be doing it to photograph an ant hill.

Especially not an ant hill they thought resembled a miniature castle.

Normal people wouldn't smile at the irony of the ant population building their kingdom ant hill in front of the 'Welcome' sign and hurry to take more pictures.

Normal people probably wouldn't try to convince you that those little rises in the castle ant hill really do resemble turrets and towers.

No, normal people probably wouldn't do that.

2. Normal people wouldn't spend several minutes of their time photographing their mother's childhood globe and smile with satisfaction at their supposed flawless photo of an American schoolroom.

Normal, observant people would have already come to the realization that Australia has changed locations and is closer to where the North Pole should be.

And normal people probably wouldn't console themselves with the thought that their discovery saved their homeschooled siblings from future failure in the subject of geography...only to realize that it is still summer vacation.

3. Normal people wouldn't think that eggplants looked like a little elfin couple. And they certainly wouldn't spend five minutes photographing the elves--I mean, eggplants. No, normal people wouldn't do that.

They certainly wouldn't name the little eggplants either. This blog author might, but she wouldn't share those names. Names that made her family laugh and tell the blog author that she simply was not right. She certainly would not share those with you.

Dearest blog reader, I have reached the startling conclusion that I am not normal. But that's okay. It's those who are not normal--the people who sing in the rain, fly kites in a storm, and...photograph eggplants--these are the individuals whose names will forever live in the annals of history one day.

Or so I'm willing to believe.

Love and normalcy always,

13 thoughts:

Emily Sacra said...

Haha! I love the last eggplant picture! So funny :)


Beth said...

Love this! Too much fun! The Sudzy and Jingle are precious! Thanks for sharing :)

Amy O'Quinn said...

Thank you for fixing the globe! I hadn't even noticed that is was put on upside down after the last time it tumbled and rolled. LOL That thing is so old, it's no wonder that it won't stay on the stand. We'll just call it an antique and consider it an educational decoration!

Love the post and the cute pics of the little eggplants. Now I kind of hate to eat know, now that we're acquainted and all... and I know their names. :)

Kara said...

:) The eggplants are...quite cute! :)

Sarah Grace said...


I actually thought the eggplants looked like elves, too ! And I personally think they are a very cute couple :)

Sarah-Anne said...

actual LOLing over are too cute & funny & not normal! ;) what fun is it to be normal, i ask you?

Sara Beth said...

I am so the same way. I think everynody is that way. Nobody, in my opinion, is normal. There is no such thing as normal! Everybody is so unique in there own wonderful way. Being not normal (which actually is kinda... "normal") is the best thing there is! Great post!
--Sara Beth

Miss Mae said...

I LOVE it!!!! You remind me so much of myself sometimes that it's scary... LOL You are amazing and I love you (and, of course, Sudzy and Jingle, too!) dearly - even though we've never met and most likely never will.. haha Thanks so much for sharing your abnormal-ness with the world! :D
Love in Jesus,

Tori said...

So incredibly adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tame Lion said...

Wonderful! Terrific!
Thanks, Erin!

Betty said...

Sweet Techie grandchild,
I love you just the way you are! Don't ever change one iota!!!!


Joni said...

HA! I suppose I'm not normal, either! Because as I scrolled down, reading your delightful post, I came to the sitting elves/eggplants and found myself naming them before seeing you'd done the same!
The names I thought of were Regwald and Haveena... perhaps they're cousins?


Bailey said...

LOL! They DO look like an elven couple. :D