It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


and so I write.

I've seen the popular bloggers--the ones with a following of hundreds or even thousands. I know what they write about. I enjoy reading their posts, whether they focus on fashion, design, photography, or regularly pour out their thoughts and feelings. I'm attracted to that. I applaud their creativity, originality, and transparency.

And yet.

With every wonderful post I read, the thought of "Why can't I be more like that?" pops into mind. Uh huh. The question that has plagued human beings--particularly the female side--long before blogging was in existence. I ask it. Often. Maybe it's a matter of pride on my part. I want to be a good writer, a writer whose works touch people or causes them to think. Humorous photo essays may produce a laugh or two, but rarely invite accolades or emails detailing a change in the reader's life.

Time and again, something comical will happen around the house or with my family and I'll think, I need to blog about this. So I do. Because it cements memories in my mind. The little things, the amusing conversations. I don't want to lose them. But after I complete such a post and press the Publish button, I'll walk away, thinking to myself, Next time, next time, I'll post something with more depth or significance. And sometimes I do, but I can't force it. Only very rarely does it come effortlessly. More often, I'll find myself typing away on a humorous piece again, eager to write it down and share.

In so doing, I think I've settled into my niche. It feels comfortable. Right. No matter the amount of comments I receive or the number of hits my blog gets, I'm documenting the life God has blessed me with. Has blessed my family with. A life complete with its ups, downs, dents, nicks, and imperfections, but laced around the edges with the small, funny, and seemingly insignificant moments that we'll remember--one day--as the moments that mattered most. These days won't last forever, I know that.

And so I write.

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Kristin said...

Great post!

I hate the comparison game that we girls get drawn into so often. A few days ago, I was so frustrated with my blog and my Etsy shop, constantly comparing it to others and feeling pretty inferior.

Then I read something on Etsy that said something along the lines of: Stop worrying about what other people are doing. Just focus on what you love and do best. So that's my new goal. :)


Julia said...

I can totally relate! I don't even HAVE a blog, so my posts can't change a reader's life OR make them laugh! Sometimes I feel inferior to all the girls that have their own beautiful blogs, but I try to squelch those feelings, because I'm not inferior...I'm just different!
That said, I think your blog is lovely. I love the posts that make me laugh and your beautiful, beautiful photography! I would LOVE to be a good photographer someday. I'm going to be taking a photography class at college this fall, so hopefully that will be the first step towards my goal!
You do a great job!

Sara Beth said...

Trust me, I can totally relate. A aspiring blogger, with only 14 followers thus far, it is often times hard for me. But I enjoy doing what I am doing. As long as I can enjoy it, it simply doesn't REALLY matter what other people think. You are doing a maravalous job!
--Sara Beth

Joni said...

Yes. I feel that nagging feeling of "if only I could write like that" sometimes, too. "If I did, I'd have more followers- I'd touch more people."
Sometimes I feel at such a loss at what to write- so doubtful of my own self- that there are posts I DON'T WRITE. If I heard of someone else doing it, I'd get after them and tell them how much meaning "their" words have.
Your words have so much meaning, Erin. I love it when you let yourself come through what you write- your love for your family and for life. Don't even worry about typing the right things. You're writing "you" so you're blogging the most perfect way you could.
You're an encouragement and your posts DO mean a lot to me. :)
And so, I'll write along with you.

Much love,

Miss Sophia said...

And I'm glad you do! I love your blog; keep it up! <3

Meghan said...

Can relate to falling into the comparison game about other blogs I read. I'm actually composing a post shortly about "Just writing!" LOL So this was very encouraging and I hope you don't mind if I link back to this post.


Bailey said...


Funny thing, I've seen popular bloggers with huge followings wistfully wondering why they can't write as well as so and's a game we can't win.

So it's better to drop out of it altogether.

Your blog is beautiful, Erin. Don't change it, ok? Because it isn't just about how well you can write -- it's you. And we love you.

Judy's World~Anything goes said...

Good to know i'm not the only one who sometimes (ok most of the time) feel like I'm just not good enough, everyone seems to be doing way better than me. Perhaps I should change my attitude and write for me first and then think of others later (sounds pretty selfish don't it?) but it feels like the only way I'll feel free to JUST WRITE :)
Great post.