It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


An Adventure in Awesomeness

The bedroom I share with my sisters is a bright, cheery, happy place. When it's clean. Which is why I'm giving you a tour of it now. While it's clean. 

So that you too can experience bright, cheery, and happy feelings. While it's clean.

I'm glad we made it through the complicated logistics. Please come in.

The door on your left is the one we just opened. The door to your right could be the entrance to my secret place which houses a pool, a bowling alley where turquoise is the exclusive color for balls and pins, a library, and a beach-front condo. Oh, and it also boasts a shopping mall.

Or it could just be a storage closet for board games that lack many of their respective pieces. You pick.

As you might have guessed from the photo, our room is an adventure in awesomeness. From the main 'Green Apple Giggle' color of the wall, to the hot pink stripe running around the entire room, to the black dots on either side of the stripe.

The sad part is, I had nothing to do with decorating this adventure in awesomeness. And I can call it that as my amazing sisters did everything. I don't have the creative genius to create an adventure in awesomeness.

I just photograph and commentate on it. Oh, and enjoy it. And sleep in it.

This is Ellie's side of the room, a museum of sorts which houses all her crafts and art projects. It's pretty cool. And if you're impressed by that, just take a look to the far left corner of the photo where it shows part of mine and Elisabeth's bookcase. It's a museum of sorts which houses the fire-engine red cast from the time I broke my leg as a child. Cool, no? Yeah, I knew you'd like it.

Hold up. It sure is a beautiful day outside. Can you see all that sunshine pouring into the room? I should stop blogging and get up and do something.

Ahhh, there. Blinds are closed and there is no longer a glare on my laptop screen. Perfect.

Here's a close-up view of Ellie's corner for those of you who were oddly not interested in my childhood memento. She made the collages, the 'E' hanging on the wall, the 'DREAM' sign, the paper birds. She's creative, no doubt. Me? I ain't.

Hmm, didn't Ellie say that this poster reminded her of me? I wonder if she meant the description or the canine with his tongue slurping out? Maybe it would be better not to ask.

Back to our side of the room, this is Elisabeth's sewing table. Where she sews. 

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

This is Elisabeth's...trompe l'oiel...thing. Or rather it started out as a trompe l'oiel painting and then she turned it into a chalkboard where we can write messages and draw nifty pies, coffee cups, and cherries with our chalkboard markers. I did this one.


This is Elisabeth's painting that she did several years ago of a French bistro. She's explained to me before how she uses shadows and colors to give it the illusion of being 2-D. I just nod and pretend like I understand every word.

This is the cute message that Elisabeth painted above one of the windows. It's funny in that we've had many a guest stay in our room, but none of them have ever looked at the word above the window and burst into a cheer. I have no idea why.

This is Elisabeth's...oh, no, wait, this is mine! It's a vintage camera model that I made myself. Well, it was actually created it by a manufacturer...and given to me by my grandmother at Christmas. But other than those minor details, I had everything to do with making this little piece of awesome-sauce.

I'm lovin' the word 'awesome' today, it seems.

Ellie created the flowers in the vase from colored tissue paper. I was impressed by her creativity.

Beyond that, I don't have to water them on a regular basis/never. Score.

Here's a close-up of the flowers. Just don't look at the girl reflected in the mirror.

I said not to look! That girl has on no make-up, is sporting fluffy lion's mane hair from a failed curling attempt, and to top it off with a cherry, is holding a blue bendy straw. For no other reason than it's fun to hold a blue bendy straw. I think it might actually be an undiscovered stress reliever.

Something I need right now as I lament the fact that I might never be able to design rooms well and will need to call my talented sisters over whenever I have a house that needs decorating. They can paint and add homey touches of handmade decor while I photograph their progress. And fiddle with my blue bendy straw.


I hope you enjoyed your adventure in awesomeness. ;)

10 thoughts:

Sara Beth said...

Aw your room is adorabale! It has so many different things, just looking at it makes me feel happy! I am actually thinking of re-doing my room!
--Sara Beth

Joni said...

I love your teal-blue-whatever-color-that-is dresser with the black pulls. I want to steal it.
Thanks for the "awesome" tour!

Your blogging makes me smile,

Sarah-Anne said...

i love this post.
that is all. ;)

Julia said...

This post bleeds awesomeness. :D

Crista Moriah said...

You have such a beautiful room, Erin! Love the colors on the wall, too (And of course the unique decorations).

This is such a fun post...
and as Joni said,
"Your blogging makes me smile."

<3 Moriah

michaela said...

Can I have your room, please ;)? Your room is for sure on my Awesomeness List :).

Kara said...

Did you guys paint/wallpaper your room yourselves? It's so...quaint! :) The little decorations. *sigh*

Erin said...

Thanks, everyone, for the sweet comments! :)

Kara- :D Elisabeth actually painted the entire room herself. She did the pink stripe and black dots by hand!

susanna hobbs said...

I love your colorful room. Sounds like something I would do.

Hope said...

Appreciated the walk down memory lane tour of your room! The next time we're there, of course I'm going to have to cheer at the Cheer sign, ha! You are so creative and talented! Love reading your blog....