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The Quest has Ended

You'll either have two reactions to this post:

One, you'll be shocked as you remember a certain post that recently told of my obsession hope of finding a yellow springtime dress.

Or two, you could care less as that bit of info might have exited the back door of your mind five seconds after you clicked off and went your merry way. I hold neither reaction against you.

Anyway, our tale begins with Erin's loving grandmother finding her a beautiful spring dress.

It was a happy dress.

It was a sunshine-y dress.

It was a yellow dress.

"Ahhh! It's perfect!"

For the record, I am not bald in real-life and neither was the dress that short. It is fairly difficult for an artistic person to draw hair and objects in proportion. For an un-artistic person, it is virtually impossible.

Just thought you would like to know.

To continue our story--Erin was in a state of bliss. Her yellow dress had been found. Since a shopping trip had already been planned with her grandmother and sisters, however, she did go along, on the off chance she would spot another yellow dress whose style she possibly liked better.

At the mall, her squealing sisters made a run on the beautiful dresses, while our torn heroine looked on.

Okay, maybe she browsed the racks a little. With a bit of 'pretty dress' sparkle dust in her eyes.

Ahem. Yes, she merely looked on. And waited on her exuberant sisters to find the springtime dresses of their dreams.

Note: Said sisters are neither bald or losing their hair either. Please see previous statement above.

         Erin was scuffing her feet when--                          A glimmer of something--something pretty--caught her eye.


Our heroine was lost in a dreamy daze as she floated on air toward the rack where--

All thoughts of a yellow dress were forgotten in lieu of a pink and white dress that squealed her name.

Erin was in love.

The yellow dress was later exchanged and Erin hopes in her heart that it found a good home.

And Erin's twin did happen to find a yellow dress just as she set out to do, so we may all rejoice in her lack of fickleness.

The End

Goodness, that was some fine artwork, wasn't it? I think I'll give up my role as blogger and become a professional stick-figure illustrator. 

(Or not).

9 thoughts:

Emily Grace said...

haha! That is some amazing artwork, Erin. I'm very impressed! Really, because I can't even draw stick people with any hint of emotion. =P
When will we be seeing photos of the lovely pink and white dress?! =D

Bailey said...

LOL! Those big eyes. You make a fine stick figure artist, Erin...really you do. I wouldn't have the patience to do more than one. (Once I designed a yellow hippo on the computer, and it turned out okay. I guess. The recipient of said yellow hippo was happy, at least.)

But even though stick figures are awesome...I vote for a photo of our heroine and her beautiful new dress. And Elisabeth too. Like a spring fashion show...on a blog. Yup.

Kara said...

Love the artwork and story, Erin! :)

Julia said...

Lol! I love the artwork. :D I need to see your new dress now!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ... give up blogging and head right on over to the stick figure convention!! Kidding!

Fantastic post!

SarahMCF said...

Like. Very much. Cute stick figures, by the way. :) and I agree with the general consensus: we need photos!

Betty said...

Alas, I'm so sad you didn't draw grandmother....

I'll try to overcome my sadness...

Sarah-Anne said...

ha, amazing stick figures, erin!!

Anna said...