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{7} Random Facts

My good friend, Autumn, awarded me the "Stylish Blogger Award" in which I get to share 7 random facts about myself. Here we go!

1. When I was ten, my twin sister accidentally flipped the golf cart on a hill and she and my brother fell on top of my left leg and broke it near the ankle. Oops. I still have the cast with all of its permanent marker signatures. There's one from former president George W. Bush and another from my cat. Cough. My twin went a little wild with the marker.

2. Golf is one of my favorite sports to watch. And it just so happens that the Masters Golf Tournament began just yesterday and will continue through the weekend. *happy grin*

3. I collect quotes. As in, a large assortment of funny, thoughtful, or random quotes I have located in a Microsoft Word document that is coincidentally entitled...'Assorted Quotes.' Yeah, I'm just creative like that. Here are two such quotes that I love:

{If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.}
-Winnie the Pooh 

“You are you. Now, isn’t that pleasant?” 
~Dr. Suess

4. I...can talk in a voice that may pretty much be described as a mixture of Elmo the Furry Red Monster and Curious George. It's a talent and one that can be used to make random little kids that I'm photographing to either laugh or glance at their mom with a look that says, "Hey, let's get out of here. You've obviously hired a photographer who has issues. Serious issues."

The same little kids then hand me a card with the number of a local psychiatrist written on it.

Just kidding about that last part, y'all. Maybe.

5. Speaking of babies...oh, who was speaking of babies? Well, no one--but now that you mention it...I love babies. I know, I should hope that most of us do, but it was a random thought that came to me. I especially love newborns and was fortunate enough to photograph this sweet little fella the other day:

If you don't just fall in love with this little guy like I did, I'm setting up an appointment for you at the heart specialist, pronto.

 {photo found here}
6. Texting scares me. Seriously, y'all. My adrenaline starts giving me a hard time and my pulse quickens. I like thinking through what I'm going to say to people to avoid misunderstandings or mistakes. Texting...well, texting really doesn't allow for this. It requires instant response in most cases--and I don't handle that very well.

Perhaps I should have been born in a different century.

7. I'm a natural-born mistake maker and klutz rolled into one blushing package. For example, at a 4-H State Congress awards banquet two years ago, I accidentally followed the wrong person and ended up sitting up at the head table. In the middle. With a bunch of college deans and attorneys.

That's right, let's look at the silver lining here, people. A natural-born klutz eating sushi--with chopsticks--at a head table in the middle of a bunch of important people. Oh well, they were very nice. The important people, mind you, not the chopsticks.

I actually had a creeping feeling that the chopsticks didn't like me.

And there you have it. Just about as random as it probably gets. I'm no good at tagging people and am probably ruining the whole fun of this tag, but if you read and want to try your hand at it...consider yourself tagged by moi. :)

Thanks, Autumn!

7 thoughts:

Amanda said...

Hilarious! I love how honest but humorous your writing is. And that baby is very cute!!!

Oh and I love your blog-design. Uh-oh, now I want to buy a turquoise umnbrella!

Bethany said...

Lol. :)

Omigoodness. :) That baby was adorable. ;) I love your photography.

Kara said...

Lol. I enjoyed reading those seven things. Especially, the Dr. Suess quote! Love your photography!

Julia said...

Aw, what a cute baby! I can do a pretty sweet elmo/creeper voice too... I freak myself out some times. ;)

Sarah-Anne said...

you are hilarious, erin!! i love your blog more every day. :)

Erin said...

Amanda- Thanks for the comment and the visit! :) Haha, oh, you should definitely get one...I highly recommend their cheering-ness on a rainy day.

Bethany- Thanks! He sure was...I just fell in love with him. :)

Kara- Thank you! I found that one the other day and really liked it, too. :)

Julia- *high fives* All right--glad to hear of a fellow Elmo voicer! ;) The world needs more of us. Definitely.

Sarah-Anne- Aw, thanks so much! I happen to think your blog is pretty awesome, too! :)

Autumn said...

Such fun!