It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


For the Love of Weekends

I love the weekend plus it's almost here equals cheers!

This was last weekend when we went on a fishing trip to the river:

 Edited to add: Although it doesn't show, there was a sturdy three part railing I was hanging onto that was there just for people who wanted to look over at the dam. Thought I should probably clarify! :)
At the dam in my cute leopard print rain boots--an absolute must have on any fishing trip. Oh, what about poles, hooks, bait, etcetera, etcetera? Sure, sure, those are needed, too, but the men on the trip can deal with that minor aspect of fishing.

We girls have the harder job of deciding what to wear for the occasion. Make note that cute rain boots are imperative during this crucial decision making process. Absolutely imperative.

 I would like to point out that, however cool, this photo scares me half to death. One of my biggest nightmares is of dropping my camera in the water--and had my neck given in to the weight of the camera strap and snapped or something, my Canon EOS 50D would have gone plunging to a dreadful death.

Come to think of it though, had this happened in said way, I probably wouldn't have been aware of it. *waves hand* Trivial detail. 

This weekend involves cousins coming for a visit and a family reunion. What will your weekend be comprised of? 

Thanks for the comments on my previous post, y'all. I shall be uploading photos soon of the sistas and I with our dresses. There's also an upcoming post involving our fishing expedition in more detail. I suggest skipping that one if photos of worms cause you to cringe. ;-)

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Emily Grace said...

Actually, I was thinking "I would NEVER take that photo. At least not with my feet hanging over. Plus, I would need to hold on to a railing or something. I would be to scared that I would fall--not to mention my mom wouldn't let me do that with her camera." =P

Ooo, I'm looking forward to pictures of your dresses! =D

Bailey said...

In a world where trivialities and minor details crowd out the important things in life, it's good to know that you've got your head on straight. (Our friends brought over two pairs of amazingly zany rainboots...neither of which fit me. I'm trying to see that as a minor detail, though, in the whole scheme of applauding awesome rainboots.)

Dresses! Yay!

Ali Holmes said...

I LOVE the boots! :D This weekend I believe is a normal weekend. Might go to the Library to get a book and a video. Oh yeah breakfast on Saturday pancakes,bacon and eggs! Sunday, going to church to worship the King! And then after church going to watch the boys plan paintball.

Sarah Grace said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of the dresses !

BTW... Loved the pictures and the rainboots :) I,too, have cute rainboots... Except mine have a b/w tiger print on them with purple :)

Anonymous said...

Those photos are fabulous and your boots, just as lovely!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Erin said...

Emily Grace- Fear not...although it doesn't show, there was a sturdy railing that I was hanging onto. Otherwise, I wouldn't have made that photo either. ;)

Bailey- *nods and replies with a grave 'thank you'* I do indeed try to focus on the weightier details in life. It's thrilling to have this fixation noticed. ;D

Ali- Thanks! It sounds like a wonderful weekend! I should have mentioned church in my post, too...a real weekend isn't complete without Sunday in the Lord's house. :)

Sarah Grace- Thank you...those boots of yours sound absolutely bee-yoo-ti-ful. :)

Mandy- Thanks! Hope you have a great one as well!

Sarah-Anne said...

ha, i can't say my parents would be thrilled to see me taking that picture... :)

Erin said...

Well, had there not been a three part railing that didn't show up in this photo, my parents probably wouldn't have been either. ;D I probably should have clarified in the post!

Anna said...

I know what you mean about droppping your camera.... *shivers

This weekend? A Homeschool get-together, science co-op, literature circle, (Since Friday was so busy.)

Love and Prayers!

SarahMCF said...

I love your gumboots!!! Pretty awesome :) Mine are just ugly old dairy gummies.
My weekend has been pretty good so far... My uncle and his mate came up yesterday and helped us put the roof on our new calf shed. I will be putting some photos of it up soon.
Glad you didn't drop the camera ;)

Vicki said...

EEYIKES, Erin, you gave me vertigo just looking at that picture!!!! *loud thump as Vicki slumps onto the ground*

Seriously, though, those are very cute boots, and I really enjoyed your illustrated story of the yellow dress. :-) Could you post a picture of your pink-and-white dress sometime?

And ... if it isn't asking too much ... if you ever have a spare minute, could you hop over and check out my movie quiz? There IS a virtual prize ... :-)

Have a wonderful evening!! I love all your pictures!

Love in Christ,

Alexxus K. H. said...

Just found this blog. One word - intriguing! Will definitley start following this blog! :)


Alexxus K. H. said...

I just realised I said blog one too many times. Blog. Blog. Blog. It sounds ridiculous.

Erin said...

Anna- It sounds great! Minus the school part. ;) Love and prayers to you, too!

Sarah- Thanks--I'm glad I didn't either. ;) I have never heard them called gumboots before, but I absolutely positively love it. It's official...I'm coming to visit Australia, pronto. :D

Vicki- Oh dear, don't look down and begin taking deep breaths. Better? :) Thanks so much...I'm planning to post about it soon. And I'm glad you reminded me--I've been planning to stop by and take the quiz, but keep forgetting. I'm heading over to take it right now. :D

Alexxus- Thanks for the visit and comment! And no worries--one can never say 'blog' too many's far too cool of a word for that. ;)

SarahMCF said...

I'm so glad you're coming over :) please come visit me! We do have a different language over here! It's kinda funny!