It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.



I just made that word up--cute, ain't it? I quite agree with you.

It is used to describe my exhilaration at my new camera lens which arrived via UPS last week. It's a 50mm and has already earned my undying love and admiration. Remember those photos from my last post? The macro shots that sharply captured the details? Yeah, I'm dizzy with happiness.

The photo above where my hair is wet and tangled? The very one. It was made yesterday after the twin and I ran to feed the neighbor's horses. Their house is a little distance from ours and I suggested that we drive the Jeep since it looked like rain. But Elisabeth claimed that she didn't want to waste the we walked.

And the clouds promptly unleashed their fury as we began the trek home. A fact that meant charging through the pouring rain, squishing through the soggy ditch, and getting cold feet (literally) because I had the wonderful presence of mind to wear flip-flops.

Oh, for a turquoise umbrella when you need one.

But at least we saved the miniscule amount of gas it would have taken to drive there, right? If I come down with a life-threatening case of pneumonia, y'all keep reminding my twin of this fact, got it? ;)

Note: We had Dominoe's pizza at a friend's house afterwards, so everything was fine. (I've found a good pepperoni pizza can cure a lot of about you?)

6 thoughts:

Kara said...

Lol Erin! "Squeep". Love the word!

:) OOh, a new lens! :) Where'd you get it from...I should probably get anthoer one soon too...

Anna said...

Your new word sounds very springy. :D

I love pizza. Just. Love. It. I wouldn't mind having it at my fact...that's not a bad idea. :D

Have fun with your new camera!

(Did I ever mention that your blog is awesome?)

Erin said...

Thanks, Kara! ;) I got it from B&H Photo Video...I've purchased from them before and have always been pleased, so I would definitely recommend their site.

Anna- Don't it though? ;) Girl, I think we think alike as I'm thinkin' that pizza is an excellent idea at a fact, I'll probably have it at mine, too. You and I can start a new trend! ;D And thanks, you're so sweet!

Bethany said...

Pepperoni pizza can also cure babysitters hollow stomachs. :) That really wasn't me inhaling the pizza you know. ;)

New lens?? Wonderful!! ;D

Courtney K. said...

Love my 50mm. I have the 1.8 right now but I'm looking to upgrade to the 1.4 in the future. It's such a fabulous lens!

Erin said...

Bethany- It wasn't? You sure? ;) And thanks...I was very excited!

Courtney- It really is! I'm quite taken with mine. :)