It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


I Shouldn't Do This To Me...

...And I shouldn't do this to you. I really shouldn't.

Should I?

For all I know, this might ruin your entire day as far as doing anything productive. Because you'll be daydreaming of chocolate swirl brownies. Those warm and delicious chocolate swirl brownies.

And as I'm sure we're all conscious of, daydreaming of chocolate swirl brownies and productivity don't exactly mesh.

Rather, they clash.

So what in the world is possessing me to do this? Am I driven by the fact that these look so scrumptious, it would be a crime not to share? Possibly.

In any case, no one has to tell us that brownies are loaded with calories. Aren't healthy for us. Might spike our blood sugar. No, no one has to tell us these things.


(Just so you're aware, this is the moment where we all join hands for support). Holding tight? Because while the above facts are ingrained in our minds,we also know that--

Brownies are sweet.


Loaded with rich chocolate.

Better with each heavenly bite.

Help me, someone.

"And I don't know how it gets better than this. You take my hand and drag me head-first, fearless." 

(From the song, Fearless, by Taylor Swift. Perhaps not quite in the context she meant, but oh well. She probably loves brownies, too, and won't mind this once.)

I'm tilting on the edge of a sugar meltdown here and I'm guessing that you're in the same boat. And far be it from me to affect my readers in a negative way. Just forget you ever saw these photos. Erase it all from your memory and go eat an apple. A healthy, crisp apple that lacks processed sugar and choco chips. Oh, and readers?

Have a productive day. :)

11 thoughts:

Emily N. said...

Oh, Erin!! How could you post about delicious chocolate brownies?! It's terrible! :)

Haha! I'm totally kidding. I hope you have a very productive day too. *hugs*


Emily Grace said...

Oh no! My productive day is totally ruined because I looked at these photos but can't actually eat a warm and delicious chocolate swirl brownie. ...maybe a peppermint chocolate cream might possibly suffice so that I can get my history homework done and clean my desk today. hmmm, I will have to see. ;)

Lovely photos with great perspective and focus, Erin! =)

Mary Catherine said...

How could you do this to us and not post a recipe??? :) :)
--Love MCat

Bailey said...

*dissolves in sobs* My resolve is giving out. Erin, the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment under Amendment 8. I know. I memorized it.

On a happier note, that reference to Taylor Swift made me laugh. :D

Bethany said...

That was me - on the floor.

It's worse than torture, especially if you eat burnt waffles for breakfast, and a nice, chewy, chocolate brownie shows up...

mandy said...

These look perfectly delicious! By the way, my brownies never look that good!

You've definitely altered my day - I think I'm going to make some myself!

Kara said...

Erin! :) How DARE you post such tantalizing pictures on your blog. *dies from envy* Those look SO good.


Christianna said...

Hello. I have visited your blog a couple times now, and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog...and your pictures are phenomenal! =)

Julia said...

Oh, this is too much! YUM!


Vicki said...

Oooohhh, Erin, how could you!?!? Those look SOOO good!!! Could you come over and make some for me, please please please??? *smiling very sweetly* I'll even let you do the rest of my math homework in payment, since you've totally ruined my ability to concentrate on it. ;-)

Have a great evening, Erin!

Love in Christ,

Sarah-Anne said...

OMG, i need the recipe. stat. because monday is my baking day, haha!
but seriously...can i have the recipe? pretty please. :)