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Photography Contest Entry

My friend, Lauren Ann, at Beside Quite Waters is hosting a photography contest...entries (unedited) should either focus on an object with a person in the background or convey through a person sadness. Below is my entry for the contest:

Definitely no sadness in this one, but I did think that focusing on the water fountain with the happy couple in the background was a rather cool perspective.

She is also hosting another fun type of contest at her blog, so do be sure to stop by and see (and possibly enter one or both of her contests if you've a mind to)! :)

Note: I'm also going to be answering the questions on my "Question and Answer" post soon...probably the beginning of next week. :)

4 thoughts:

Skye said...

Hey, Erin. :) I wanted to know if you had a Facebook page? I'd love to add ya on mine if you do.Thank you for having me on your Blog list. Seeing that made my day! :)

Btw, pretty piture of the happy couple!

Erin said...

Thanks!! :) Yep, I do have a FB page...and I would love to be friends with you on there. :D I just now sent you a friend request, so it should be in your inbox (BTW, I noticed that we have really similar last names)! :) Have a great day!

Maggie said...

That picture is so pretty! I love it!

Your blog design and header is SO cute! I love it. Your header picture is one of my favorites.

I am following your blog, I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.


Erin said...

Thank you, Maggie, for visiting me and for your sweet comment! I'm heading over for a visit to your blog right now! :)