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Lights, Camera, Talent!

Ellie and a friend enjoying the photo-op that Elisabeth made. :)

Our homeschool group's annual Homeschool Talent/Sharing Show was this past Friday night and I don't know about anyone else who attended, but I sure did have a great time! Everyone did a such wonderful job on their acts as well as display tables and were definitely a pleasure to watch. I wish we had the show recorded in its entirety, but since we don't, here are some clips of my family's performances:

First on the video is the "Hey Mikey!" commercial that John and Zander performed with Jarrett. Don't you just love how "Mikey" hadn't even begun eating the cereal when John exclaims how much he likes it? :P Zander and Jarrett also performed a skit that Elisabeth wrote for them entitled "The Little Engineers That Could"...I didn't upload because it was rather long, but be assured that it was pretty cute, too.

Second is John performing the "Marine Hymn." Sure, he went a li'l off-key in several parts, but hey, you gotta give him an "A" in the cuteness department. lol

First on this video is Wesley and his magic tricks, complete with, a rather interesting looking magician's hat. Come to think of it, that hat looked an awful lot like our grandfather's fishing hat...hmmm. ;)

Secondly, Ellie started violin lessons this past October and has been practicing very hard to be able to play "Canon in D" for the show...didn't she do a great job?

And lastly, Elisabeth and I singing "Farther Along." Her allergies have been giving her trouble (aka croaky voice towards evening), so we didn't know if we were going to sing or not until the last minute...but we made it through. :)

And that's all! *bows low* No wait, I'd rather curtsy and leave the bowing to my brothers. *promptly curtsies* LOL Have a great evening!

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2 thoughts:

Beth said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for posting these! I hated so badly to miss it, so you filled a void for me. You all did a wonderful job! A very talented bunch!

Thanks a bunch :)

Bailey said...

Gorgeous voices, Erin! All of you did such a fantastic job and seemed so calm and collected - naturals, one and all. ;)