It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.



Wesley's new little chicksters...aren't they pwecious? :) (BTW, they have absolutely no relation at all to this post. I just thought they were cute...and, well, cute is good). lol

I'm baaa-aack! (Hmmm, didn't intend to sound quite so sheep-like there ;D) Anyways, I have returned to the Blogosphere after completing two taxing semesters. The spring semester involved conquering Biology, so that pretty much hurled me into the black hole of schoolwork and Maymester required completing an entire semester in 15 days (i.e. two classes+close to 6 hours of sitting in class every day=one exhausted student). :) And I have nothing left to say about Biology and Maymester except...never again. LOL

I have much to catch up on, especially a certain number of questions that I meant to answer awhile back. Believe it or not, I do have a Word document with most of the answers...I, uh, um, just...haven't gotten around to posting them yet. *insert sheepish grin*

Okay, more news about my life besides schoolwork... Oh! Here's a good one: my twin sister's birthday is this Saturday! And coincidentally, so is mine. lol I'm excited about the day, but not about turning 19. Silly, huh? I guess I've just enjoyed being 18 so much and really have had a wonderful, very blessed year! :)

Well, I guess that's about all for now except that it's good to be back in the land of the living where people take the time to smell the roses, admire the blue sky and fluffy clouds, listen to the birds sing a sweet melody...*cough* get the idea. ;)

3 thoughts:

Bethany said...

What a surprise - your birthdays are on the same I wonder why... :)

Pretend I'm there to give ya'll extra hugs and a big chocolate cupcake. That is, if you like chocolate...



Emily said...

Yay! You're back! I'm excited to see some upcoming posts. :)

Bailey said...

Happy Birthday, Elisabeth...and Erin. ;o)

I understand about biology. Sort of. Except this year, I got science savvy and finished it before June.