It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


This Past Week

You know what you need to catch up on my life this past week (as in last Thursday to today)? A list. And I happen to have...a list. During this past week, I was able to:

1. Travel with the family to The Big City where Dad served as a volunteer for a competition.
2. Almost die carrying armloads of luggage into the hotel. Alone. Bravely. Maybe not alone.
3. On the upside, I dominated a race across the hotel pool and won the gold.
4. Not really.
5. Visit with friends and family (Gangy and Papa, Mam and Pop. Y'all are the awesome-est grandparents hands-down).
5. I can't think of anything to put here, but drawing up a list is such fun.
6. ...Hi there.
7. I'll stop bothering you now and move on to the actual post.

Did you notice I listed 5. twice? Good. School is starting back on Monday and you need to be prepared for the mental roller-coaster. Look sharp.

This is a random photo I made of a chair which was not in The Big City, but rather in a historic village several months ago. But you wouldn't have known that if I hadn't told you and now you're regretting reading this sentence because it's time you could have spent watching five more seconds of the Olympics and it's time you'll never have back. 
You're welcome.

Did I mention in my list that I graduated from my community college and will be attending the university three and a half hours away and living in The Big City and that the semester begins Monday? And that I'll be an English major?

Cuethemusicanddropthesparklyturquoiseconfetti, say what? My baby girl's all grown up and saving China! (Mulan quote there, ahem.)

As I already mentioned, this past week has been a time of visiting and goodbyes to friends and family. Oh, and crying. I'm not much for crying usually. I don't like blubbering all over people (unless you're watching a sad movie. Then it's completely acceptable and your friend should hand you a tissue from a Tweety Bird tissue box and sob hot tears of fire with you over whatever unfortunate event has befallen the movie characters).

This past week has also been a time of happy anticipation--the kind that causes people in musicals to burst into a song and dance number about the sun comin' out tomorrow and singin' in the rain, what a glorious feelin', etc, etc. I move into my apartment this weekend, so please say a little prayer for me and my roommate, okay?

And that covers it. The short little kid from the little town is moving to the big college in the big city. This weekend. She needs lots of grace, prayers, and a GPS.

2 thoughts:

Bailey said...

This definitely beats missing whatever five minutes of the Olympics I was watching.

Lists -- they're the only way I've survived this summer.

College -- happiness! You're going to have so much fun! I want to see photos of your roomie and apartment, ok? Just for me?

Turquoise -- that's a major part of my dorm color scheme. *throws extra sparkly turquoise confetti*

You -- I love you and will pray for your big college move!

Alexxus said...

Annnnnnnd, you will have lots of good bloggy friends to keep in touch with while at college. That's the good thing about internet friends - they move with you. ;]

I'll definitely be praying, though. I wants lots of pictures too!

Text me lots, Erin! xx.