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seasons’ sentiments // guest post by alexxus

Summer is almost over.
And I cannot believe it.
I mean, wasn’t it just yesterday that I was on my floor, scribbling out a summer bucket list excitedly, in high anticipation of what might happen this summer? What about that night I sat praying in my bed and talking to God about things I wanted to change in my life? What about all the daydreaming, anticipating what adventure might come my way?
(You have permission to laugh at my whimsical and nostalgic silliness now.)

But, even with the bittersweet ending of summer, I’m beginning to slowly but surely get excited for fall. It’s definitely my favorite season in terms of weather, so naturally I’m getting excited to pull out my boots and jeans and scarves and sweaters and other miscellaneous items belonging to the fall/winter season.
Fall is also bringing new exciting things – I’ll be going to San Antonio in September for a weekend with one of my closest friends, and also meet up with another close friend while I’m down there. I’m going to start giving beginner’s guitar lessons to young homeschooled kids, which will not only give me the opportunity to share one of my passions with eager kids, but also pull in a bit of cash. I’m also going to be finishing up my sophomore year this fall, which is obviously exciting, as it brings it me closer and closer to graduation day. My stack of books to read is getting taller and taller (maybe intimidating for someone who loathes reading, but for a book nerd like me, it’s rather giddying).
I’ll also be turning fifteen this September, which means I’ll be starting driver’s ed.  November brings Thanksgiving, which is one of my favorite holidays. Christmas comes after that. Everything about fall is just so inviting.
I suppose this has been somewhat of a sketchy post. I hope you’ll forgive me.

What about you? What summer memories do you have? 
And what are you looking forward to this fall?

Thanks to Erin for letting me guest post on her blog!

About Alexxus:
I spend most of my time scribbling in a journal, my nose buried in a book, or daydreaming about anything and everything. Although I don't have a blog as of right now, you can find me on Pinterest ( or email me at

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Erin said...

Thank YOU for posting on my blog! :) I just love you. And this post.

Okay, I'm going to go put on a big comfy sweater now. <3