It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


*raises sparkly turquoise megaphone*

Hi, my name is Erin and tomorrow is my birthday.

I love birthdays.

I love birthdays as much as I love cake. Maybe more.

This is my twin. Tomorrow is her birthday, too. (I won't insult you by pointing her out in the photo below. It's obvious which one she is as she is sitting right beside me).

(This was made at least several years ago. We've changed some since.)

She loves birthdays. She loves birthdays as much as she loves cake. (Okay, not sure on that point. I'll have to ask her).

This girl and I have been through a lot together in the years we've known each other. Which has been awhile. As in, years and years and years with another year thrown in for good measure. We're sisters and best friends, as close as teeth and gums.

Cough. Yeah, great imagery there, Erin.

In short, we're pretty tight.

The two of us back when we were...uh, five? Ah, good times.

How old will we be tomorrow, you ask? Well, in ten years we'll be thirty. Oh, my peas.

Hold my hand, blog reader.

Did you just hear that? Thirty. *sobs into hands* I don't want to grow up.

And yet, I still love birthdays. It's that one day of the year where I generally don't do anything out of the ordinary, but still just bask in the glorious knowledge that today is a special day. I like the whole shabang. The cake, the smiles, the birthday wishes. Yeah, I'm downright pathetic with how much I love birthday wishes. If I didn't have a blog, I'd probably pass out fliers and leaflets to all of you with the date of June 5th stamped on it and "Remember the date!" written down in a cute font. Maybe Curlz MT.

I really don't know where the direction of this post is supposed to head now that I've shared the happy news. Maybe I should end and go dream about tomorrow. We'll have plenty of birthday and hopefully plenty of cake.

It should be a good day. ;)

11 thoughts:

Kara said...

Happy Birthday, Erin and Elisabeth! Hope your day is full of fun, blessings and...CAKE. :)


Vicki said...

Awesome pictures of you and your sister! :-D I hope you both have a simply wonderful birthday with LOTS of cake and OODLES of ice cream! :-D

Happy Birthday!!

Love in Christ,

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday Girls! I hope you both have a lovely day and get tons of turquoise stuff and have lots of cake. :-)

Bethany Grace said...

Happy birthday, birthday twins. :)

And we all agree (all the twins, that is) that a birthday is not a birthday unless it is shared with another. Except, you must have your own cake.

I can't believe y'all are that old. *gulps* I'll have to wait six years until that time. :) (I nearly put seven years, heavens, I forgot I just had a birthday. :)

Miss Sophia said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Best birthday wishes and lots of cake!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the two of you!

Love love love your sense of humor! And flyers ... totally would do it anyway!

Joni said...


I know it's crazy= I'll be 30 in a little less than ten years as well. I don't want to grow up either. Actually, I've just decided: I'm never going to. Want to join me? :)

Wishing you the best day!

With bright love,

Betty said...

Now Erin, you must grow up, fall in love, marry, and have some great grandchildren for me!!!!!

You and Elisabeth have been a double blessing from God. We love you both dearly!!!!!


Bailey said...

Happiest of all happy birthdays, dear Erin! You are allowed to grow up, as long as you allow us to grow up with you. ***SQUEEZE***

This is late, but not less affecionate. I've loved getting to know you and I adore your blog. ('s in my top three sites.)

Much love to you, dear friend!

Erin said...

I'm a bit behind on thanking everyone in the comment section, but...thank y'all! We appreciated the birthday wishes so very much! :)

Anna said...

lol:) You crack me up!

Adorable pictures...

Happy Birthday!!

(I'm working on a Birthday post.. though it is a day late..Sorry.)