It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


Down at the {River}

June 5th was a good day, reader. After a great church service, we came home and Elisabeth and I sat together and watched one of the cutest Disney Pixar movies ever, Monsters, Inc. You know the little one-eyed monster and the scene where he puts in his single contact?

So cute.

Yes, we're twenty and still love these movies. It's much better than some of this other stuff they have out there these days.
Anyhow, after lots of cake, the family decided to head down to the river. Where the sandbars made it possible to stand in the middle, and the lush greenery was all around, and the Spanish moss waved in the breeze.

It was beautiful.
I would have loved to share a photo of the birthday girls waving together from the middle of the river, but Elisabeth and the rest of the siblings were oblivious when Mama took this shot. *sighs*

Ignore the fact that you're out there having fun and enjoying the view. You're supposed to smile when you have a camera aimed in your direction so you'll have a photo to document this time forever. Apparently, they didn't get the memo.

Reader, you should have been there. If only to hear me and Elisabeth belt out an interesting rendition of 'The River' by Garth Brooks.

Because you can't stand in the middle of a river and not sing 'The River.' Common knowledge.
The blur that is Erin coming toward you to retrieve the camera and take a few photos.

 Ah, a tree covered in nature's streamers, er, Spanish moss. It is quite pretty, no?

So the decision to wade in the river eventually turned into the decision to swim in the river. And the photographer didn't want to miss out on the fun, so she hurried to stick her camera back in the Tahoe and get back out there.

Y'all, I just wish you could have been there to see just how beautiful it was. We were laughing, splashing, and getting tackled in that warm water as the light faded and a crescent moon came out.

I want to rewind time and go back. Go back, back, back.
Thankfully, time heals all wounds. That, and...

 ...Left-over birthday cake in the freezer.

A cake that has icecream sandwiched in the middle and CoolWhip icing. Cutting a piece, sticking it on a plate, grabbing a fork and digging in can be a great help in curing the days-after-a-great-birthday blues.

A great help.

Thank y'all so much for the sweet birthday wishes! Elisabeth and I appreciated them so much and would share a piece of cake with you if we could. :)

6 thoughts:

Julia said...

That cake looks so yummy. Now I want ice cream cake at 8:00 in the morning. :) Gorgeous photos, the water looks so refreshing! :)

Bethany Grace said...

If the month of April in Wisconsin is ever warm like the month of June, you'll be sure my twin brother and I will forever spend our birthday in a river. That looked like way too much fun. I'm sure your birthday so toasty sweet and fantabulously fantastic!

Bailey said...

Why is it that wading inevitably leads to swimming?

Why is it that ice cream cake is the world's greatest accomplishment?

Vicki said...

Thank you for the "virtual piece of birthday cake"! It was yummy! ;-)

Looks like you all had a great time! Thank you for the beautiful pictures! What region of the country do you live in, to have Spanish moss on your trees? I know you've said, but I forget ... someplace in the South, right?

Happy Birthday again! I'm glad your day was fun!! :-D

Love in Christ,

Sarah-Anne said...

what a great day, friend!! i'm so happy you & your sis had a blast on your 20th bday! :D

Erin said...


@Vicki- Thank you! We live in South Georgia...the stuff is everywhere here, especially in the river areas and as you get closer to Florida. :)