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Morning of the Monkeys

I have tragically spent my morning in the company of monkeys.

You've seen the board games, right? The ones whose taglines read "The game that's as fun as a barrel of monkeys!" (or something like that) and show photos on the box of little kids shrieking with laughter at the enormity of fun found there.

Don't believe them.

I had already played three rounds of one monkey jumpin' game this morning. Coincidentally, it was named, "Jumpin' Monkeys." The youngest little brother only wanted to play one game and I initially agreed to that.

But then he won the first round. And smiled happily at his triumph. Five years old and he had successfully landed four monkeys in the plastic tree while his almost twenty year old sister only landed one. Poor thing.

Now, I have a certain competitive streak and so insisted to another round. He beat me again. I asked for it by demanding another round. He beat me a third time. I finally decided enough was enough and so applauded his accomplishment and went back to doing my own thing, very tired of the sight of monkeys.

Hoh, hoh, hoh. You haven't seen nothin' yet, sister.

The other little brother was taking a break from school and learned that I had played a few games with other little brother. He asked if I would play a game with him. The little brother who had whooped me each time heard the commotion, thought this was a splendid idea, and chimed in.

I dug my heels in and refused. They begged. They pleaded.

I caved.

It turned out to be another monkey game. Help.

Five little monkeys jumpin' on the bed. One fell off and bumped his head! Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, "No more monkeys jumpin' on the bed!"

Amen to good 'ole Doc. Let's end this game right here and now.

I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to games like these. And this is even moreso when the game board is missing and someone brightly suggests to use the Sorry! board that is miles long and drags the game far into the morning. Oh wait, that was my idea. Brilliance, Erin, sheer brilliance.

I was darkly observing the happy monkeys grooving on the bed, oblivious to my torment. I contemplated making my escape when youngest brother handed me the spinner. "Ladies go first," he said.

Sweet jumpin' monkeys, his mama raised him right! I stayed.

And regretted it. For the game dragged on. And on. Finally, all of the monkeys toppled over and I desperately said, "Great. The two of you tie for first and I lost. We're done!"

They must have been getting tired, too, for the monkeys suddenly gained rocket boots and shot around the board to a satisfying conclusion. Praise be.

Afterward, I settled in to multi-task by writing this blog post and helping a little brother with schoolwork. School and blogging. Can't be much chance of seeing monkeys there. Ha. The little brother suddenly opened his phonics book. "Hey, Erin, look at this picture." I turned with a smile that immediately disappeared.

It was of a monkey. I think I'm being followed. ;)

5 thoughts:

Sarah-Anne said...

i love your posts.

the end. ;)

Bailey said...

LOL! Feelin' the pathos here, Erin. ;o)

Bethany Grace said...

May I give you a million hugs and sympathize as well. :)

Vicki said...

Oh yes ... those monkey mornings ... only mine is usually Mickey Mouse, or Alvin and the Chipmunks, or Thomas the Tank Engine, or Bob the Builder. The joys of boyhood - as experienced by older sisters! :-D

BTW, thank you for posting about my movie contest on your blog! It earned you five points and you came in a VERY close second place! I haven't thought about whether runners-up should get prizes ... what do you think?

Thanks for the story! Try to avoid those monkeys today!

Love in Christ,

Alexxus K. H. said...

I've tried to think of a hundred witty remarks, but each has ended in a rapid pressing of the backspace button.

I suppose I can simply say this post entertained me.

A lot. ;) ;)