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Portrait Contest Entries

Below are my entries for the portrait photo contest that Polka Dot is hosting. Please be sure to check it out as there are some really amazing prizes offered!
This is my youngest sister, Ellie.
This is my second to youngest brother, John.

Ellie, John, these are my blog readers. *round of handshakes commence* Sure glad to know you.

And now that the formalities are over, I'm off to a (Lord willing) productive day. My night was quite productive, let me tell you. I dreamed I was saving the world's little creatures. Mice that were being swept away by a river of water that gushed from the garden hose, bass fish that had somehow ended up in the chicken coop and were being pecked to death--I saved them all.

Now that's what I call productive.

Either that or I just have very odd dreams. Let's go with the former, shall we?

8 thoughts:

Kara said...

Love the pictures, awesome job!

Christina said...

What about the Monkeys. :)

Miss Sophia said...

Gorgeous eyes! You're a fabulous photographer!

Long time reader- first comment! Love your blog!

Emily N. said...

Beautiful pictures, Erin! ;-)

Bethany Grace said...

You have amazing siblings. :) And photography. :)

Sarah-Anne said...

sounds like my dreams. crazy all around.

Jaymi said...

these are really great portraits!

Alexxus K. H. said...

No, no, dear. My dreams are far more....*ahem*....interesting than yours.

I will entertain you with one of my dreams - the oddest of them all -

*The scene is black. My older step-sister and her friend are being devoured by a scary dragon. Before they disappear completely, they bellow their last words: "Chicken Egg!". I turn around hastily, just in time to see our neighbor, a 16 year old African American boy named Drace, in a chicken suit, laying an egg.*

No. No, I am not joking.

Don't laugh.