It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.



Ever dreamed of watching a fake movie trailer that was made just for fun?

Yeah, me too.

Cough. Anyway, now is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do just that! For your viewing comes our production made on a non-existent budget and a borrowed point-and-shoot camera.

So enjoy. Clap at the end. Maybe give a standing ovation? ::crickets:: Okay, so that might be stretching it.

Disclosure: Yes, this movie was made using real swords. No, you don't have something in your ear and you did hear me correctly. My siblings in this film did indeed use real swords. Genuine, authentic, foam swords. You might want to keep that fact under your hat. ;-)

What do you do for entertainment on summer break?

12 thoughts:

Emily Sacra said...

Oh my goodness! This is SO cool! Please make more trailers! :D

Eyebright said...

Hello! I'm a new follower on your blog, I believe, but I just wanted to say that I loved your trailer! I think it would be so cool to make a trailer. Now I just have to think of a good idea... ;)

Great job, and thanks for the inspiration!

Bethany Grace said...

*thunderous applause*

I wondered what the new Pirates was like - well, now I know.

Oh, you mean that wasn't the same thing? Oh - sorry.

Do not sneeze at foam swords. It is well known that Calamity Jane and Co. were skilled in the use of semi-working cap guns. Complete with orange tips.

Bravo! Send an autograph or five to the following address. :)

- Bethany

Sara Beth said...

awww I love that trailer! so cute and creative!

Kara said...

LOVE! Wow Erin, you did an awesome job!

Vicki said...

Hey, I would definitely watch this movie! You guys all did a terrific job! How long did it take you to make this trailer? What software did you use?

Thanks for your prayers during these storms ... we've been dodging bad storms all day, but been fortunate so far. :-P Things are still bad in other parts of the Midwest, though.

You should post more trailers like this - that was fun! :-D

Love in Christ,

Crista "Moriah" said...

I love it! :)


Anna said...

So cool! :) Good job guys! (And girls.)

Hmm... I like to sew, and go to camp, and, yes, make movies...and blog...and the list goes on. :)

Miss Sophia said...

Love it! I want to watch the movie!!! :)

Erin said...

:) Thank y'all so much!

@Vicki- We spent an afternoon filming and then I edited it off and on over a few days. I used a trial version of Corel VideoStudio Pro X4. :)

Bailey said...

I have a sneaking suspicion I know who that bandana-bedecked villain is.......

This trailer is awesome. Let us know when it hits theaters. Your littlest brothers will become instant heartthrobs. They're hilarious.

We used to create cheesy adventure movies back in the day, but I was unfortunate to be on the other side of the camera and have to watch my "acting skills" pan out. Nothing we ever accomplished was half as amazing as this. Maybe we just needed the Pirates soundtrack?

By the way, you should at least write a book about this, if you don't have the budget to make a movie.

And did I mention I love this?

Erin said...

Bailey- Shhh...that villain wishes his/her identity to remain a secret as he/she was forced into the part due to lack of actors. ;)

And thank you! Haha, I am never on the other side of the acting skills are zilch. ;P Had I been the heroine in this one, I'm quite sure it would have take all the cuteness that John and Zander could muster to save our trailer from being a flop.