It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


Flowers and Fishsticks

I know. Not your typical 'so happy that it's spring I'm going to do a blog post about it' title.

What's the link between the two? Gasp. Need you even ask? Connect the dots already. It's so obvious.

Erin loves flowers and Erin loves fishsticks.

There. That should be relative enough for you. ;)

Beyond that, Erin has a modge-podge of photos that she wants to share and now seemed like a good time.

Although I've already commenced with a few 'spring-like' posts, yesterday was the first official day of spring, Thus, we couldn't just let that slip past unnoticed on this blog, right?


 Around here, nothing is more the trademark of this season than dandelions. And dandelion dust. And blowing on the dandelion dust and making wishes. :)

 The blade of grass sort of makes it look as though the dandelion is wiping the sweat from his fluffy brow.

"My, it's quite the scorcher today. If only someone would blow all of these seeds off, I'm sure I would feel much cooler." 

Happy to oblige. :)

 "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" (Name that movie)

As promised! A lovely springtime lunch...the more ketchup the better. I could eat these every day.

Hum. Can't eat that. Sure, it's a feast for the eyes, but--Oh, wait, we've fluttered back over to the flower photos.

I knew that.

 These li'l guys just squeal "Spring is here! Spring is here!", don't they?

 "In the greenhouse, the pretty greenhouse, the pla-ants thrive todayyyyy. Ooooh weeee eeee eee ee." (To the tune of 'In the Jungle.' Don't ask me where that thought just came from 'cause I have no idea.)

 I love these.

 Aw, look at him! He's as busy as a--as a--hmmm, what I had in mind sounds awfully cliche. ;)

 How very industrious. He has my utmost admiration.

 The gorgeous bouquet that the youngest little brother picked for me and Elisabeth. A bouquet he decided to place in our bedroom. It was a-- *pauses to extract dandelion seed from hair*--thoughtful gift and one we appreciated despite the...well, mess that comes with such presents. *Blows at seed floating through the bedroom*

 Well, hello again! Look at the little sunshine cartoon on the plate peeking up from behind this scrumptious sandwich and try to tell me that this photo doesn't relate to spring. Just try.

Right, so technically my pretty sissa in her green St. Patrick's Day shirt is not a flower. Or a fishstick. But I couldn't very well title this post 'Flowers and Fishsticks and Elisabeth.' It just doesn't sound quite as euphonious.

Okay, so, flowers? Check. Fishsticks? Check.

Yep, I think we've covered everything. :)

Happy Day After the First Official Day of Spring, everyone! (In case you try to look that up on your calendar, please know that I made it up. Thus, this blog is likely the only place you'll get wished such. Feel special. ;-))

5 thoughts:

Bethany said...

We had fishsticks today too. But I didn't eat any, because I don't really enjoy them. :)

I love all the dandelions, who says they're weeds anyways? ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool pics. The movie you asked about is called Despicable me. :D

Sarah-Anne said...

it's so FLUFFY!! yep, that's only my fave line in Despicable Me. such a great movie...

Elissa said...

It's SO FLUUUUUUFFFEEEEEEE Ha! Love that movie :D :D

Gorgeous photography as ever Erin!


Erin said...

Bethany- *shocked gasp and google eyes* You don't enjoy fishsticks?! How is that possible? ;) Definitely agree about the dandelions though.

Zoe- Thanks! And yep, you got it!

Sarah-Anne- Yes, it is...I go around quoting lines from it all the time. :)

Elissa- Me too! :D And thanks a bunch!