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Warning: A Highly Tongue in Cheek Post

Taste buds are a beautiful thing. Without them, life would be dull. No, scratch that.
Life would be sad.

Where am I going with this? Well, I have this problem. It's called the common cold (you've heard of it, I'm sure?). It has taken over my life, leaving me...

 ...Burying my head under the covers bemoaning my miserable condition for two whole days.

...Trying to sleep when someone in another room begins loudly singing "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas." (Insert both a crabby and dubious look) Exactly how many days are there in the year until Christmas rolls around again? Uh huh, that's what I thought. ;)

  ...Draped over couches and chairs to moan and cough and sneeze.

But worst of all...leaving me tasteless.

See those? They're beautiful, aren't they? A toasted marshmallow photo I found on the Internet (you can follow it to a delicious recipe, by the way). It looks akin to the ones we toasted in our small toaster oven. I was relishing the thought of biting into the gooey goodness, I won't lie. Small problem. While it succeeded in scalding the tip of my tongue (why did that part work, I would like to know?), I was unable to taste it. And that, my friends, is very, very sad.

 Another delicious snack that can be found in our pantry on this fine day are pizza flavored potato chips. Which in all honesty taste about like regular potato chips when you have the ability to taste them. We don't normally indulge in a lot of "snacky" foods, so this was a nice treat. Unfortunately, all they really amounted to for me was a lot of crunching.

And crunching.

And crunching. 

In fact, I was eating a handful and trying to at least enjoy the texture when I realized that Elisabeth was talking and just plain spilling her heart out to me. Actually, I think she was saying something about homework, but I couldn't hear her and wondered for a split second if I was losing my sense of hearing as well. That was when I realized I simply couldn't hear her above the crunch of the potato chips I was still munching on.

Yeah. Embarrassing. ;)

The thing is, without taste, eating becomes this mindless activity with no pleasure in it whatsoever. That's why we were given taste buds and why I'm ready to send this cold packing. The upside to all of this?

 I can't taste Nyquil or any other cold relief medicine, for that matter. *happy grin*  I for one am very, very glad that my taste buds ain't functioning properly when it comes to taking medicine.

Yours most truly,
~Miss Has a Whole New Appreciation for the Sense of Taste

P.S. I am beginning to feel much better, thank you. Still can't taste, but I am feeling better. ;)

5 thoughts:

Bailey said...

ROTFLOL! Ah, poor you. I feel your pain. I walk around like a zombie, alternately sneezing and apologizing for my intrusion. It hasn't stopped me from heaping my plate full of Texas toast and pot roast, fact, my appetite seems increased. And my taste buds are just dandy.

Orange juice tastes funny, though.

Therefore I sympathize and pray you'll get well soon! *hugs*

Bethany said...

*mental note to self* never listen to a story out-loud eating an apple (if you have a cold). Chances are, you aren't hearing anything. :)

Awww - poor you! Not able to taste the goodness of Pringles?!? *hugs*

(macaroni tastes awful if you are sick - just sayin'.)



Kara said...

Poor Erin! I myself am getting over a cold, too! :) NOT FUN!

Hope you feel better soon!

The Southern Lady said...

Good afternoon from Tokyo!

Thank you for linking to my blog and the milkshake recipe. i hope when you're feeling better you can make it and enjoy every last delightful sip.

A lovely evening to you and praying for a quick recovery...



Erin said...

Thank you kindly, Bailey. :) I was able to *sorta kinda* taste my Ramon noodle soup last night so I have high hopes that my sense of taste will be restored shortly. Hope you get to feeling better as well! *hugs*

lol A good mental note, Bethany. You'll also save yourself the embarrassment of sharing the amusing story of your supposed hearing problem with your parents who understandably give you odd looks. *sheepish grin* ;) Thanks! *hugs*

Thank you, Kara! You too? I guess it must just be the time of year. My whole family has been knocked slap out with this stuff for the past month. :/ Hope you continue to feel better! *hugs*

Thank you very much, Ms. Elizabeth! I will definitely be giving the recipe a try--and if I know my family, there will be a bunch of us enjoying our tasty milkshakes. :) Have a blessed day!