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Update and {iCreate}

Have you ever just had one of those weeks that left you feeling...



And just incredibly blessed?

I just had one of those weeks. :) Like I said on an FB post, between Thanksgiving with all the family and our annual church meeting with all the church family, my week has been just plain amazing. Period.

Have I finished my novel? No, I'm actually about 20,000 words behind what I'm supposed to have. And that is okay. I spent the first half of last week cleaning house, went out of town during Thanksgiving, and then the visiting preacher for our meeting came and stayed with us. We stayed up extremely late both nights of his visit...and had a lot of fun and fellowship, I might add. And in light of our wonderful meeting as well, writing on my novel just didn't seem as important. At least, it definitely wasn't going to take precedence. But Nanowrimo has been fun and has given me the drive to really work on my novel. I'm nowhere near finished, but will let all of my blogging friends know when I actually do reach that 50,000 word mark. Y'all hold me accountable now, since I won't have the month of November to do so anymore. ;)

And on another note, chugging in at the last minute, is my creation for...

I know...another photo. I had planned on sharing this really cool craft, but I guess there's always next month. :) Anyway, this is a photo of my twin cousins that I edited in Photoshop using several actions and such. Just click the image above if you want to link up as well!

 Cute, aren't they? :)

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Bethany said...

Awwww!! Love it! Thanks for linking up!

Erin said...

Thanks, Bethany! And thanks for the nod on your blog as well...I will definitely be participating again this month. :)