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The Mountains!

My family and I took a trip last week to stay a few days in the mountains for a family reunion. We haven't been able to make it to this reunion for the past four years due to various reasons, so this was a particularly exciting time for us…and definitely worth the 5 hour drive to get there. :)
Pop and Mam’s cabin
  A close-up of the ‘crik'. ;)
IMG_0236-2 Wesley building a creek dam and Zander being cute…no wait, that’s just Zander being Zander. ;D
John posing and Ellie and Zander playin’ in the creek.
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The diner we visited that looked like a scene from the 50’s. I really did feel like donning my poodle skirt. Or I would have felt that way…if I owned a poodle skirt, that is.
Wesley flying high on the swing…
IMG_0245-2  IMG_0313-2
Miss Ellie posing…
I loved her eyes in this one!
*titter* And this is the face that gets me into trouble alot because people think I’m angry or upset when I’m really not. I’m just thinkin’. ;D
A very friendly dog that decided to run up and join the photo shoot…apparently much to the surprise of someone. :)
About to dip her feet in the creek. :-) I couldn’t stay in there long…that water was cold!
S'mores with Reeses Cups! I don't usually say the whole 'It was the bomb' stuff, but was the bomb. ;)
HA! This kind of resembles a 'Claritin Clear' ad, doesn't it? Poor li'l sad about going home (I actually think he was upset about waiting on his turn for the swing). lol

6 thoughts:

Bethany said...

LOl ~ Nice pictures! That last made me laugh. ;)

Erin said...

Thanks! lol Yes, he's a pro at the whole 'shoulders slumping, sad puppy expression' thing. :) *hugs*

Betty said...

Darling granddaughter,
We really did have a wonderful time, didn't we?

Next summer, Lord willing, maybe we can all go for a week in June.
Pop and I have been talking about it...

Love you,

Erin said...

We sure did! :) Ooh, that would be wonderful if we could...I think that's one of my most 'favorite-est' places to be ever. Love you, too!

Kara said...

Nice pictures!

We have an eating place that is sortof like that too..."Yesterday's Diner"...


Erin said...

Thanks! :) How neat...I wish we had one where I live. I know I would definitely be visiting it quite a bit. :D