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Just for Fun...

Me and Elisabeth at the Bass Pro Shop yesterday. :)

Over the past, hmmm, maybe 2 years, Elisabeth and I have been increasingly told that we do not look like identical twins. Some have even said we do not look like twins at all. While I wouldn't go that far, I do think we are looking less alike as we are getting older.

So what do you think? :) Look-alikes or no?

5 thoughts:

Bethany said...

Look-alike! You can really tell!

Bailey said...

Definitely twins, but I'd doubt before I asked if you were identical.

I, however, probably have enough skill to keep you two mixed up. You're both so pretty and grown-up, nonetheless!


Sarah said...

Same nose , smile , and hair , But different eyes ! You look just a bit younger , but you both definantly look alike ! Love ya ! Sarah

Elissa said...

Definitely twins, but I think your eyes are the major distinguishing feature between you two.


Emily N. said...

Look-alike! I think you still look a lot alike, but you both are maturing more and growing into such beautiful ladies, so it'a a little easier to tell who is who. *Hugs* :-)