It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


Fred the Snowman

So for the first time in years and years and years, it really snowed in South Georgia! For those of you who see snow on a yearly basis and shrug this off as no big deal, let me assure you...for us, it was a big deal. :) People calling friends and family, rushing out with cameras (as did moi), having snowball fights, creating redneck sleds from plastic kiddie pools, and actually building snowmen. Wow...;)

Sadly, the snow only lasted for less than a day, so some of us had to get our fun in while we could. Elisabeth and I went out late Friday night to build a snowman. The rest of you may have your Frosty's and such. :D We had...Fred.

Meet Fred...Fred is a snowman who wears many different hats. Well, no hat in this one, but just keep scrolling. He's also a snowman who collected a lot of grass in the making, but we just told him that camo was really in this season. ;)

Fred the Duck hunter

Elisabeth and Fred. Look closely and you'll see two bunny ears peeking out from behind Elisabeth's head. Hmmm, a snowman with a sense of humor...

Me and was a wonderful, albeit short friendship. :) *Note*: Although Fred is his usual flawless self, I am quite aware of the fact that yours truly looks rather, er, disheveled...please do remember that it was late at night...LOL

Indiana Fred. :)

Fred the Hillbilly. (Just smile and nod and take pity on the poor estatic girls who have never been fortunate enough to build a snowman, much less dress him up in various attire.)

Hmmm, he looks rather disconcerted in the picture, doesn't he?

I guess he had every reason to look that way because when morning came, poor Fred wasn't feeling well...

...Hence the personal thermometer. :)

Fred stayed with us for about two days without melting. After that, his arms and eyes fell off and his head and middle melted and--I'm sorry, I'm growing quite emotional here. :) Rest in peace, Fred, rest in peace.

The End. :)

6 thoughts:

Emily said...

Haha! That made me smile! Great post, Erin! I'm so glad ya'll got some snow. Have a great evening! :D

Bethany said...

Our snowmen didn't last long either and weren't quite as "dashing" as Fred. :D

Skye said...

Hahaha. Very cool! Literally. lol I think Fred was very handsome. lol :)

Betty said...

I miss lookint out the den window and seeing Fred...alas...a fine snowman was he...


.lauren.anne. said...

wow! and that made me laugh. and though i often get snow, i have NEVER made a snowman.

okay, maybe once, but i didn't dress it up :)

Bailey said...

Hilarious! I remember those days of grassy snowman too.