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Hello! I've haven't posted at all this year (yipe! ;D), so I'll fill you in on some of the events that have taken place around here. On Christmas Day, our dog, Kelcie, rather surprised us with six little "gifts." Can you guess what they were?

Precious, isn't he?

I've always suspected that Kelcie was a thoughtful dog...and she proved it by having six puppies. A temporary puppy for each of the puppy-lovin' children in our that's generosity! ;)

Being as these li'l guys were born on Christmas, I thought that we should give them names accordingly. Welll, the family didn't exactly cooperate. Puppy names are as follows:

Buddy, Kirk, Trixie, Chelsea, Bailey, and Zig.

That's right...Zig. Wesley named his that because it has a zig-zag pattern on its back or something like that. Hey, it was either that or Leroy. :/ Ugh, would someone please adopt this puppy so that it can have a normal name? lol As you can see, no Christmas-y names made the list...except my puppy, Bailey. As in George Bailey from "It's A Wonderful Life"? (Er, she could just as easily be your little namesake, dearest Bailey, if you would like to adopt her? Hmmm?) :D

They are at that roly-poly exploring stage right now, so it's rather difficult to get some good pictures, but I'm hoping to take more later. :)

Note: After writing this post, Wesley informed me that he has changed his puppy's name to "Dakota." Now that's better. lol

5 thoughts:

Autumn said...

They are ADORABLE!!!

Bethany said...

Your puppies are so cute!! You were surprised with some "babies" on near Christmas too. Except ours were baby rats and that was a few years ago...

Er, I don't know -- Bailey is awfully tender about her name being a dog name (Of course she won't mind...especially when she sees those faces!) :D At least some creature lives up to the name of Bailey ;) (Hee, hee, we sisters must learn that we live to insult each other....nicely said with sisterly love, Bailey, :D)

Bailey said...

I'm nearly too distraught to comment. O that someone would adopt ME and give ME a sensible name!

JK. :)


Abi Tucker said...

They're so cute! Ida Marie and I were looking at the pictures together. Ida Marie said "Awwwwww!"
when she saw the puppies. :)

Skye said...

Oh My! How CUTE! :) Sweet little puppies~