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Photography Contest Winners!

Thank you all again so much for your patience! Since all of the entries were so great and I just couldn’t decide on the winners, I finally asked my cousin Mandy (who happens to be a professional photographer) to judge. I think that she, along with Aunt Sherry (who is also a professional photographer) did a wonderful job…thank you both!!
Now, on to the winners…:)
The 1st place winner in the “People” category is…
And the 2nd place winner in “People” is…
Emily C.! Congrats, Emily…both photos are beautiful!
But we also have two honorable mentions in the “People” category as well…
Jessica G.!
Congratulations to you both! :D
And the 1st place winner in the “Nature” category is…
Stacy H.! Congrats, Stacy, on the gorgeous entry!
And we have a tie for the 2nd place winner
Emily Joy, 333 
Beautiful entries, both of you…congratulations !!
And not forgetting the two honorable mentions in this category…
pic 1 007
Samantha H.!
Thank you both for the awesome entries and congratulations!
And thanks to everyone who participated in my photography contest…it was a lot of fun and there were so many spectacular photos submitted! Below, in no particular order, you’ll find all of the entries that didn’t place but are so great anyway! Run your mouse over each photo to see the name of the entrant and just click on each to enlarge:
 Stacy H. Shutterfli (Hannah) Katie KatieEmilyEmily C.Wesley H.EmilyJames M.Emily C.Emily Joy
Emily JoyEmily JoyJames M.Jessica G.Jessica G.HannahStacy H.James M.  Stacy H.
And while we’re on the subject of photography, be sure to stop by Lauren Ann’s blog and enter the contest she’s hosting (the winner gets an awesome prize!) :D
Thanks again everyone!!! Please be sure to congratulate all of the winners!

6 thoughts:

Shutterfli said...

Hey... thanks!!! I'm excited to have placed TWICE!!! I love contests. ;)

Abi said...

Congratulations to everyone!

Bailey said...

No wonder you couldn't decide! Congrats, everybody! I especially loved Emily C.'s creative!

Emily said...

Thank you so much Erin! I just got back from being out of town and this was such a sweet surprise! :)

And thank you Bailey!

Hannah said...

Wow, all those pictures are amazing! ;)


Hannah said...

I'm following your blog, BTW. :)