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Let's Go to the Rodeo!

So Dad surprised us with a visit to the rodeo last was a bunch of fun and I got A LOT of pictures! Looking at the blurry pics, you might assume that I was trying to achieve the Picaso look...let me assure you, I was not! :) My camera doesn't have a high shutter speed (thus accounting for the blurriness), but I think they look rather "artsy" anyway. :D

Li'l cowboy enjoyin' the show!

While we were watching, a message suddenly popped up on the huge screen at the end of the building with the words, "Rachel, will you marry me? Love, Cory". LOL Not exactly the setting I would choose, but she said yes! :)

And the next video is the end of a hilarious act where the talented horse kept getting the better of his trainer...if you think you keep hearing two cackles during the video, you're right. :) One is me sounding ridiculous, and the other is Alexander sounding jest plain cute! lol

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Anonymous said...


James McKie said...

Too Bad you don't have a Canon Digital rebel XSi Like me or else you could have perfect pictures also like me.


abitucker said...

That looks like alot of fun!!

Bailey said...

Yes, let's! :) I've always wanted to go to a rodeo. Especially after I had to explain to my sister (during piano lessons, in which she was playing a rodeo song) what barrel racing was.

I loved that music on the last video. ;) That's one cute horse.

Elissa said...

*SNIFF* bull riding is like one of my favorite things to watch, but even though I lived in Texas for 7 years, I never went to a rodeo!!! Fun pictures though!!