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Cats Take a Message...So True!

Before I begin this post, I want to thank everyone again who commented during the last difficult few family and I really do appreciate your prayers and messages!!! *hugs*

Okay, has anyone ever heard the quote, "Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back with you later"? Well, today I set out with my trusty camera to disprove this statement! :) I mean, come on, my cats always come readily when called, for instance:

Me: *Calling sweetly* "Oliver, c'mere, Oliver...come on, buddy."
Oliver: *Ears instantly prick and he races toward me*

Me: "That's right! Good kitty!! You're helping Erin disprove a theory, aren't ya?"
Oliver: *Purring* (Can't you just see the love and adoration written all over his sweet orange face?)

Me: "Awwww, you love me sooo much, don't you??" *Shakes catfood bag a li'l harder*
Oliver: *Wraps around my legs and continues to purr*

Me: "Alright, theory disproved and you've been fed. Bye...whoa! Buddy, you seriously need to consider going on Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig for Cats. Do you get fed a lot or something?" ;)
Note: He looks bigger in the picture than in person...I think it was the way he was sitting! lol

Me: *Pauses* "Hi there, Sassy!! Um, hi Sassy! Sassy? Sassy!!
Sassy: *Pauses to daintily lick paw*

Me: "Um, just ignore her. She must be half asleep or something. That'd be the only reason she's not responding, I think." *Confidence considerably shook up and ventures out to grandparent's house to give their cats a close-up*

The stately "Ling Ling"

The calm and serene "Sister"

Oh, and next up is...Murphy. Who used to be our cat, but moved out to our grandparents because he liked them better. *hmph* I take that insult personally! ;) Yeah, Murphy and I aren't exactly on the greatest of terms...well, at least, I'm not. He always comes running when I call to nip at my ankles or other such nonsense-wait a minute! Comes when I call!! Perfect! Murphy (aka Not the Most Likeable Feline in the World) is about to restore my disprovation (is that even a word?) of the aformentioned quote! :D Just watch this:

Me: "Murphyyyy. Oh, Murphyyyyyy. Come on, Murphy!! Quit stuffing your face and come over here!!"
Murphy: *Hasn't even glanced at me yet*

Me: "Murphyyyyyy."
Murphy: *Raises head*
Me: "Aha! He's about to come running toward me!"

Murphy: *Resumes eating*
Me: "Arggggg!" lol

Oh well, maybe I didn't exactly disprove a statement, but I have my own secret method for getting our kitties to come when called:
The power of cat food...never fails. Ever. :D

Yes, I quite agree with you, I need to find something more productive to do with my time! lol

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Anonymous said...

funny! Great post!

Bailey said...

ROTFLOL Never heard that quote, but so true! :D Please *don't* do anything productive if it means giving up disproving biased sentiments. ;) LOL

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Thats funny! lol :)