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A New Blog Post...Amazing! :)

Why, hello nice to meet you! My name is Erin (aka Hasn't Posted in Forever) :D
Well, now that I have re-introduced myself to y'all, I simply can't stand the thought that my faithful blog readers have been anxiously wondering what I've been up to as of late (hehe) so I'll fill you in! ;)

As I posted previously, my cousin Milly was married to Brent almost a month ago now...and the wedding was beautiful!! It was held in Savannah and-well, why don't you pop on over to Mom's blog as she did a post all about it! Be sure to read about what happened to John while we were there!

Are you back? Great! I've also had quite a few photo shoots during the past two months and, while I plan to post some more later, here are just a few:

To throw a li'l more randomness into the mix, our homeschool group had its annual Gingerbread Workshop and here are the houses that my family created:

John's "Hunting Lodge" (as he called it) and Zander's, um, "House" (he's a firm believer in eating the candy after he's placed it on there) lol

The "Candy Cottage" that Ellie and her friend, Ericka, created

Wesley's "Candy Castle"

The "Victorian Farmhouse" that Elisabeth and I created (oh, and if you haven't noticed by now, we use graham crackers to build our "gingerbread" houses!) :D

Well, it was so nice meeting you and I do hope we'll have the pleasure of seeing each other more often (aka I hope to be a better regular blog poster) ;) Have a great day!!

4 thoughts:

Carla said...

I've given you two blogger awards :). Check out my blog for more details.

Bailey said...

Nice to meet you. :) It sounds like you had many good excuses for delaying posting...making gingerbread houses--especially nice looking ones like yours--and photos are very time consuming. ;) That little autumn fiddler of yours is very sweet.

abitucker said...

Those were cute houses!

Autumn said...

I love graham cracker houses. I did them all the time when I was little. I posted pics of our houses on Creative Combustion. YOurs turned out really well!

Love all the pictures.

Merry Christmas!