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Autumn Fiddler

Hello there! :)
I've been having fall photo sessions at the park for our homeschool group...I plan on sharing more later, but I couldn't resist posting this one:

And this next one is the same...I just added color selection to it:

I think that the fall colors along with the violin is sooo beautiful!

I also wanted to share several of my results from the Georgia National Fair:

4-H Computer Graphic Design-Senior 1st Place

4-H Minibooth (Other Special Interest)- 7th Place

Since this photo got 1st in the 4-H Focus on Ag Photography Contest, it went on to the Georgia National Fair to compete again-1st Place

Youth Art (11th and 12th grades) Computer Altered Imagery- 1st Place

Two plaques...4-H Computer Graphic Design Contest Champion and 4-H Photography Youth Champion. Yay! :)
Hope everyone has a great night!

4 thoughts:

Carla said...

Ohhh the first photo is cute!

Great job on all your winnings :)!

Bailey said...

Yay! Good for you! I knew you'd win something. ;)

I love the second version of the first picture. Very pretty. :)

Autumn said...

Congratulations on all your winnings!
I love the pictures you took. They are beautiful! The autumn colors really complement the color of her violin.

Betty said...


Congratulations on winning so many are so talented...I know you will go far in life....

I love you and am so happy you are my oldest granddaughter....

God Bless,