It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.



...Ernest T. Bass, the new red rooster! :) Okay, not exactly the name that we girls would have chosen (how about Rocky, Chanticleer, something?), but that's what the boys named him, and so Ernest T. Bass it is! :D
We've had 'ole Ernest for several days now, and I finally decided that it was about time he had his "close-up". And so...I ventured out to the chicken coop yesterday with my camera in tow:

Me: "Hullo, Ernie! Mind if I call you that for short? Ernest T. Bass seems kind of long for such a small rooster."

Ernest T. Bass: *Spears me with his beady eyes and clucks angrily*

Me: *gulp* (Um, did I mention that Ernest was a wild rooster before he came to live in our humble coop? No?) :)

Me: (Trying again) "Well, I guess this must be something of a change for you...but all of our hens are very sweet kind of gals, so I'm sure you'll adjust very quickly!"

Ernest: *Continues clucking angrily as he tries to spot me above the sea of white heads* Translated: "Excuse me?"

Me: "Alright, so maybe they need to work on the social graces such as letting you through so you can eat...but who's perfect?" ;)

Ernest: *Looking skeptical and seeming much more put out with moi at the moment than our dear sweet greedy hens* *Angry clucking increases*

Me: *Backing towards door* "Y'know, this has been real interesting and it was nice getting to know you a li'l better...I'm not sure if the feeling is mutual, but oh well...maybe with time." :)

Ernest: *Finally has had enough and struts toward me (seems like his clucker would be tired by now!)*

Me: *Beats a hasty retreat (what else?) and seeks comfort in the form of another family pet:

Oliver! There might not be much but fluff between those cuddly ears of his, but when you want understanding-ness, choose Oliver over Ernest T. Bass any day! (Sorry, Ernie, but I'm just bein' honest here) :D

Hope everyone had a good Christmas...I know we did! :) Thanks so much for the awards, Carla...I'm going to do a post about them soon!
Happy New Year, everyone!!!

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abitucker said...

You are so funny!! I think y'alls rooster, Ernest .T Bass has a cute name! Not to mention a "fisty spirit". ~Happy New Year~

abitucker said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... I love your blog templates that you design! What web-site do you use? I think they are really cute! P.S. If you want to design mine, go right ahead!! lol :)

Bailey said...

LOL! And may we meet again, Mr. Ernest T. Bass. You have a greatly dignified name. Though, no offense, the kitty's cuter.

Happy New Year, Erin! Merry Belated Christmas!


Carla said...

Happy New Year :)!!

Love the pictures! Such a cute cat.

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

and is Ernist T Bass from Andy Griffith Show? Just wondering.

Erin said...

Thanks so much for your comments...btw, I think that Ernie is finally adjusting! lol :)

Hi Lauren Ann! Yes, they got the name from the Andy Griffith Show! :D

Betty said...

Cute post Erin....Glad to meetcha Ernest T. Bass....

Please come by for an award...I have another one I've forgotten who it's from....when I find it it's for Elisabeth....Love, Mam

Anonymous said...

how do you make 3 columns? Just wanted to know. Could you comment on one of my blogs. Thanks. I have always wanted to do it, but I don't know how.