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The Story Behind the Shot..:)

As you may know from my previous post, the photo above placed 1st in the Georgia 4-H "Focus on Agriculture" Photography Contest...what you might not know is the work, the hardship, and the threat of being trampled it took to get this shot! :)

Me: "Hi there! I'm Erin! I live in the gray house just beyond this field!"
Cows: *Blank stares*
Me: "Okayyy...well, even if you don't recognize me, we are neighbors, so I think that entitles me to doing a li'l photo shoot of you guys!" :)

Cows: *Turning heads*
Me: "See, there's this photo contest coming up and the theme is agriculture...and how "ag-ish" would some shots of cows be? (Smiles a winning smile)
Cows: *Appear totally immune to my charm*

Me: "Alright, would everyone mind looking towards this camera? And hey, have you ever heard of make-up...I really think some of you could use it at this moment!"
Cows: *Chewing grass*

Me: "Hmmm, now what would an interesting angle be? Aha! I'll just lay on the ground like this to take the pictures ...perfect!"
Cows: *Staring at this obviously insane individual*

Me: "Oooh, that was a good one! Now, I'm not exactly crazy with the way you guys are staring at my head like it might make a good soccer ball, so let me remind you that there is an electric fence between us...and believe me, I know from experience that an electric fence hurts! "
Cows: *Grouping together*

Me: "You guys must believe that there is safety in numbers *chuckles*, have no fear, I pose no threat to you!" :OD
Cows: *Not buying it*

Me: "Seriously! Hey, #481 that's close enough...I mean it! Why are you all given names like #481, #468, #452,etc. anyway? Couldn't you have been named something a little more original? Like Hamburger 1, Hamburger 2..."(I pause to titter at my clever joke)
Cows: *Silence*
Me: "Come on...I deserve at least a few laughs for that joke! What IS your problem, #481? Are you trying to intimidate me or something?? Well, it's not working!"

Me: "Now THAT is wayyy too close! You're getting my lens dirty! Are you mad at me about that hamburger joke or something? HA! I can say it just as much as I're just one little cow and I'm not afraid of you...I'll prove it! HAMBURGER 1, HAMBURGER 2, HAMBURGER 3!"

Me: "HAMBURGER 4- (breaks off abruptly) Um, you know what, I think I'll be leaving now!" (Beats a hasty retreat)

LOL And that's just the way it happened...sorta! ;D

3 thoughts:

Beth said...

I can so visualize the whole thing! Those dumb cows just could not appreciate the caliber of photographer/comedian that was trying to work with them :) Great shots! Brought back lots of memories!

When I was little I used to go to this older lady's house, there were cows behind her house. We used to feed them pears and I still remember there HUGE SLOBBERY TONGUES all over my little hands!

Precious Memories :)

Love y'all,

Bailey said...

LOL!! Really, you must consider submitting your "illustrated" stories somewhere...:) I was taking pictures of llamas and alpacas yesterday (woohoo!) and I got some pretty weird stares. LOL Hugs!

Erin said...

Hi Sis. Beth! LOL I know what you mean about those tongues! When I was taking pics of those cows, my camera managed to miss all the slobber, but my hand was not so fortunate! :)

Hi Bailey! Hmmm, that's an idea! I would love to see the pics of the llamas and alpacas (Waving picket sign that reads, Bailey Needs A Blog!!) lol :)