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Southern Hospitali-Tea

Pop is finally home from the hospital (after a 13 day stay) and is recuperating nicely...ah, home sweet home! :OD You can read a more detailed update here at my grandmother's blog. I know I've said it several times, but your prayers really mean a lot!! Thank y'all! :)

About a year and a half ago, Mam (our grandmother) "met" Mrs. Marion (who lives in Wales) through Mrs. Marion's blog. They began corresponding via email and soon became very close friends. Well, several weeks ago, their dreams to meet each other came true as Mrs. Marion and her husband, Mr. John, flew all the way from WALES! to visit. They stayed about 12 days, but their visit didn't seem long enough...we loved them so much, we didn't want them to leave! They were so sweet and I loved listening to their English accents and hearing all about Wales. We miss you, Mrs. Marion and Mr. John, and are ready for y'all to come again! :OD
Anyway, whilst they were here, Mom and Sis. Beth hosted a "Southern Hospitali-Tea" for Mrs. Marion in Mam's backyard. It was great! But rather than go into a lengthy description about it, I will instead share a slideshow of pictures from the party...after all, one picture is worth a thousand words, right? :)

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Carla said...

Great pics!
What a great story to be able to meet an online friend!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Dear Erin.....

Wasn’t that the most wonderful and perfect afternoon!! Wow! What a dream! A Southern Hospitali-Tea hosted in my honour by your dear Mam, Mummy and Beth....... it was such a pleasure to meet so many of your lovely friends, to sit and chat in Mam’s beautiful garden, drink the delicious iced teas and enjoy the gorgeous selection of tasty dishes. Such a memorable afternoon that truly warms my heart when I think about it.... and believe me, I often do!

I do so appreciate the love and hospitality that was showered upon me that afternoon, well not just that afternoon.... throughout the whole of our stay. A big thank you to everyone who made my Southern Hospitali-Tea such a gracious and memorable occasion. John and I are missing you all terribly and talk long and lovingly of our time with you. Bestest Love - Marion