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Georgia John and the Mysterious Intruder

Others may have their Indiana Jones...around here, we have our own (albeit unlikely) heros:

Georgia John

Yes sir, this young man is quick-witted, able to draw his pistol faster than you can yell howdy, and has a hero sized appetite to boot. Bad guys, BEWARE!! And of course, no hero can go without a trusty sidekick:

Ellie Oakley

This li'l lady is smart, quick on her feet, and also one of the best blueberry muffin bakers in the county! :) And while she would have you to believe that the bruise on her forehead is a battle scar, it's actually where she accidentally conked herself on the noggin (but just say a little bird told you alrighty?) :p

Together, side by side, this dynamic duo works to make the wilds of the family backyard into a safe place for law abidin' citizens everywhere!

A typical day for these justice seekers runs like this here:

With her sharp eyes, Ellie Oakley suddenly spots something (or someone) creeping closer and closer towards them. She gasps. It's an intruder poised and preparing to shoot Georgia John and Ellie Oakley with the camera that seems always to be glued to her hands. Ellie alerts G. J. to the danger. He reacts instantly and levels the intruder with a gaze that could melt ice in January:

*clears throat* I said, "...a gaze that could melt ice in January!"

Ah, that's better! ")

The intruder pauses for a short moment, but in that moment, Georgia John signals to Ellie. She nods and immediately strikes a pose that practically begs the intruder to take her picture:

Aha! The intruder is distracted and turns with her point and shoot towards Ellie. Quick as a wink, Georgia John whips out his genuine plastic pistol.

The intruder does not notice at first and walks toward G. J., the words, "SAY CHEESE!!" forming on her lips. She halts, realizing that G. J. means business:

"Now, listen here...I don't wanna get rough with ya, but if you'll kindly take your camera like contraption somewheres else, I'd be mighty obliged...please?" lol

He strikes a tough guy pose for emphasis, and the intruder sighs and retreats, acknowledging that she probably has enough pictures for a blog post (mwahaaahaaa)!

And so, with content smiles, Georgia John and Ellie Oakley await their next adventure...satisfied that they are doing their part to keep nosy photographers out of the area and on the run! :)

"Just another day in the life of Georgia John and his sidekick, Ellie Oakley. Thank ya for your kind attention."

10 thoughts:

Betty said...

I think you've aptly named these two characters....they certainly do look rough and tough.....

Glad you were able to get the drop on them and snap the pictures.....

Love you,

Beth said...

Well, I had no idea we had such rough and tumble characters roaming the area. Thankfully with GJ and EO on the watch I will be able to rest my sweet little head at night.

What fun!

Love you all,
Sister Beth

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Dear Erin.....

What a darling young lady you are with such creative talents.... not only with your photography skills, but as a great story teller too. Well done Erin! I did so enjoy reading about Georgia John and Ellie Oakley. It has warmed my heart to see the beautiful pictures of them both.... you have captured so well their charming personalities...... it has been a sheer delight to see them..... a lovely reminder of the wonderful time that John and I spent with you and your family. Thank you!

Its such good news to know that your dear Pop is home from hospital and making a good recovery. We love you all. Blessings - Marion xx

Mary said...

What lovely photos. These will certainly make treasured memories in a few years. I remember playing cowboys with my brother. We had a delightful time taking care of the bad guys.

Thanks for the delightful post. I made my way here from Betty's and am so glad I took her advise and stopped by for a visit.


Elissa said...

AW! What a cute post, your little siblings are SOO cute, er excuse me, rough and tough... :D

sparkled*life said...

I found your page through warm pie happy home. I just wanted to tell you that your page is so beautiful and your kids even more so! I have two children also! They are simply precious. Blessings!

Erin said...

Thank y'all so much for visiting me and for your comments!! :)

Marvelous Mom...just Managing:) said...

Your pictures are wonderful. How great for your parents to have you journaling these for them.:) My teenage son is trying to learn how to design blogger pages. Did you do yours yourself? Any suggestions for where he can learn?
thanks for the peak!

Nonna said...

Cute kids, wonderful photos and a great post!!

Erin said...

Thank you both for visiting me and for your comments! :) To answer your question, marvelous mom, yes, I did design my blog! :OD I've done a new post listing some website pages that have really helped me...hope your son finds them helpful! ")