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Friday Show and Tell...Chickens!

It's Friday Show and Tell over at Kelli's blog, so today I'd like to share with you a, um, rather unusual show and tell! :)

My family (namely Dad and my younger brother, Wesley) got chickens last we are now the proud owners of TEN hens! :OD You'll be glad to know that my sisters and I named all ten of them...I know, it was a big job, but somebody had to do it! And yes, I guess we are kinda odd. :P
Sooo, the names of all the chickens are: Henrietta, Lady Cluck, Chicken Pie (original, huh?), Chicken Little (oh, that's even more original!), Ginger, Cluckinheimer, Henna, Lady Cluckalot, Henny, and Penny, respectively. :OD

This is Henny...or is it Penny? No wait, I know! It's Lady Cluckalot...or is it?

And this MUST be Ginger...hmmm, I think. Y'know it might just be Cluckinheimer (she and Ginger bear a strong resemblance to one another. LOL)

Hold on, this one has her head turned...I'll know who she is the instant she turns...

Aha! I knew I could tell them apart! This is could be Chicken Pie...or Henrietta.

Okay, okay, maybe I can't tell them all apart YET, but I'm sure once I get to know each of them personally it will be a piece a chicken potpie, er, cake to tell them apart. Until then, let's call all of them Henrietta! :OD

What is that nestled in the hay? Why, lo and behold, Henrietta 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 has laid an egg! Congratulations, Henrietta 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, etc.! :)

Henrietta 1: "Henny, dear, I have thought up the most original joke in my spare time. It goes like this: Why DIDN'T the rooster cross the road?"

Henrietta 4: "I don't know. Why?"

Henrietta 1: "Because he was a li'l chicken!" (Loud titters and boisterous cackles erupt in the coop)

Well, I guess that's all for now, so I'll close this rather silly post! ;)

Bye! (Y'know, her comb does sort of look like a little hand waving goodbye...umm, never mind.) LOL

5 thoughts:

Kelli said...

How fun! I have always wanted chickens, so I loved seeing yours! Good luck trying to figure out who is who! LOL

Beth said...

LOL That was really just too cute! Thanks for the laugh.

Ruthann said...

I soooo loved this post about your new chickens! How adorable they are!Love the names! What a hoot! No fair, I want chickens!! There is a rule in our developement that says you can't have hoo! So I will enjoy yours for now! I think Betty is your grandma right? I love her! she visits my blog often and declared that I was a southern belle because I love all things southern! Anyhoo, your mama (who is also adorable!!)sent me to your sweet blog. Love it!
God Bless you cutie-pie! (or should I say chicken pot pie!)
Warm Pie, Happy Home

Bailey said...

LOL! I haven't read anything so funny in ages. :P Isn't it illegal to post goofy stuff about chickens? You know, PETA might really be upset (make sure your Henriettas don't have access to the phone). :) Have fun! :D

Autumn said...

Hello! My mom found you blog through your Grandma. I am glad that she found it!
I love all of the pictures of the chickens! They are so cute!
And I love the tractor cake from your last post, too!