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Alexander's Party

So my youngest li'l brother, Alexander, turned two last Wednesday and had a "Tractor Party" this past Saturday at the park. We all had a great time and I think "Zando" really enjoyed it! :OD
Here are a few pics from his special day!

The "John Deere Tractor" cake that Elisabeth made for the occasion...I thought she did a great job!

The candles on the cake all ready and waiting for the birthday boy to make a wish! (There really were two just can't see the other 'cause it's hiding behind the first one!)

Makin' a wish! :)

*Cheese* (Now let's get done with the picture takin' so I can eat a piece of my cake!)

And the opening of presents afterwards...

I can't believe that Alexander is already 2 years old...I mean, it really does feel like yesterday that he was just a newborn! He's so precious with his curly hair, sweet smile, and did I mention incredibly long eyelashes? Here, I'll show you what I mean with picture taken a few days ago of Alexander havin' fun in the tub:

Are those long or what? :OD

Happy birthday, "Zando"! I love you and am so glad you're my brother!

2 thoughts:

Nonna said...

What a cute little brother you have! Your sister did an awesome job on his birthday cake! I remember when my son was little about your brothers age, he was so into john deere tractors too! We still have his metal john deere tractor that he rode on and pedaled in the atic. I think they are all made of plastic now.

Bailey said...

Happy Birthday, Alexander! (He's so lucky to have such enthusiastic sisters.) Elisabeth did a fantastic job on the cake; I can't keep up with all your talents. :P LOL