It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


A Lesson in Twin Telepathy

My twin sister is on the Gulf Coast of Florida for a week volunteering at a cancer retreat.

I am sitting at home with homework.

Yes, you may offer your deepest sympathy.

Point being, she's in Florida. I'm in Georgia. She left last Saturday. On Monday, I was thinking of braiding my hair (going for the Native American look and all) and randomly envisioned painting the Disney Pocahontas arm band onto myself.

So Elisabeth called that night. She'd had a fun time working at the retreat carnival. She had also had something painted on her arm. Want to guess what it was?

Either we're two kids with erratic thought patterns wedged in Disney memories OR twin telepathy is occurring. The latter is so much cooler.

I did end up braiding my hair. And what do you do with braided hair and a new turquoise necklace? Yeah.

Mom asked why I looked so surprised. I told her what should be obvious to everyone.
This is my "frightened doe" look.

 "Look, Mom, I'm a pwinthcess!"
Mom to others: "We're thinking this psychological damage occurred when she was beamed in the head by a loaf of bread as a small child. There isn't much that can be done, but the doctor has advised us to let her run the hidden pine trails of the forest."

So there is a lesson in twin telepathy. I mean, how often do things like that happen? Once every blue corn moon or pretty much never, right? Right. 

And don't tell me you think about painting Pocahontas arm bands onto yourself every other day. Either I won't believe you or I'll assume you had a very deep and irrevocable childhood crush on an animated John Smith and live in a fantasy rainbow world of Disney magic and pixie dust. It's sad, but those of us who aren't delusional will do our utmost to help you.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some colors of the wind to paint.

//photos courtesy of youngest sister, Ellie.
//By the way, I've been the big 21 for a week now! Yep, I'm all grown up and mature.

9 thoughts:

Bethany Grace said...

You look exactly like her. You completely do. You should go down to Florida yourself and work in Disney Land - you could pull it off perfectly. :)

Bree said...

Gorgeous pictures! :D

Oh, funny!
That sort of thing happens to my sister and I a lot- we wear similar outfits, etc...
A couple months ago she was in AL, and I was home in MN- and we both watched the same movie- ON THE SAME NIGHT! o.O

Kara said...

Gah, you look gorgeous, Erin! :) So pretty.

Twin-Telepathy...yikes! :D


Lizzy said...

LOVE the Pocahontas look!!! ;P You're truly gorgeous. I'm sooo lucky to have such beautiful (and hilarious) e-sisters. ;D

OH. I love your necklace... so pretty. Grr. sonotfairiwantonejustlikeit. But again on the Native American note; you could totally pass for Cherokee... which means we really would be related, somewhere back there. Hehehe. ;P

Emma said...

Hi! I am Emma! I love your blog... I hope you will check out mine.


Vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Erin!! Shame on me, I thought I had commented on this post already ... you are right, it's definitely twin telepathy when you're both painting armbands on yourself at the same time. Did she paint colors of the wind, too? THAT would be something!

I can't remember if you ever do this sort of thing, so feel free to ignore me if you don't; but I awarded you over at my blog! :-D

I hope you're having a great summer, my friend!!


Alexxus said...

ohmygosh. how could I have missed this blog post? adaksfjhkajf.

so. you're too cute. and I love you. hahah. :]

Erin said...

Aw. Thank you, lovely peoples. <3

Lizzy, the story goes that one great-great (etc.) grandmother on my grandmother's side married either a Creek or Cherokee, so it's completely possible. *big cousin hug*

KayleeBeth said...

Your super gorgeous! I love your outfit!!