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Sweet Breakfast Memories (Literally)

This post is almost wordless. Because a cinnamon roll doesn't need describing. It can stand on its own icing, thank you.

After seeing these images, I suggest you either go bake yourself some cinnamon rolls or click off this post. I don't have the means of preparing cinnamon rolls at the moment, so I'm just going to click off. My taste buds just can't handle the agony.

You didn't know that taste buds experience drama? They do. Oh, they do.

9 thoughts:

Bethany Grace said...

I'm hiking to your house for breakfast. ;D

KyAnn said...

Oh, Erin!! I am totally craving cinnamon rolls now. Thanks a lot. ;-) Hehe.


susanna said...

You're really tempting me. They look so good.

Dodi said...

Ok, that's it.I HAVE to make cinnamon rolls!!! Those pics are making my mouth water:D
Oh, I got the necklace:) Thanks so much it's beautiful!

MaKenna Morgan said...

Yes Ma'am they do! And I might hafta make the 7 hour trip to Georgia... these look delicious!

Alexxus H. said...

You're making me hungry. :|

Mind if I fly over to Georgia for the mornin'? ;)


Joni said...


Yeah, that's all I can say. ^-^
Have a marvelously sweet day!

Sophie said...

I want cinnamon rolls now...

:) I like your blog!

here is mine:

Hannah said...

Oh yum!

Did you design your own blog? It is so cute! I love it! I will definitely be following your blog for the time being!