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Of Preconceived Misconceptions

Have you ever learned something about yourself that you didn't know before?

I don't mean discovering how you react when a goat steps on your bare foot. Not normal stuff like that. I mean learning that one of your favorite foods was something you thought you detested. Abhorred. Absolutely cringed at.

That sort of thing.

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I've heard folks talk about Spam all my life. I mean, c'mon, I live in the South. I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but fried Spam is going to be talked about here.

Spam. Even the name has a disgusting ring to it. I like to think of myself as a computer person after all. And spam in my computer is something I detest. Loathe. Spam gets in my computer and it's outta there, son.




So why anyone would name a food that is absolutely beyond me. Mind you, I had no idea what it looked like, but whenever the stuff was mentioned, I would wrinkle my nose and make gagging noises.

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In short, I thought it sounded gross and backwoods, like a Southern food only reserved for country guys named Bubba or something. Yeah.

Moving on--For a year or two now, I have been eating and enjoying this delicious fried meat that is sometimes brought to church lunches. I never thought to ask what it was (says a lot about my discerning palate, doesn't it?). I just ate and enjoyed.

Well, I was raving about it yesterday to my brother.

Who promptly gave me a disgusted glance and said,

"You like THAT? That's SPAM!"


Yes, y'all, one of my favorite foods is fried Spam. I live in the country, but I'm not a guy.

And neither is my name Bubba.

Just thought you should know. In case you had any preconceived misconceptions, too. ;) 

(I know, I know. You poor readers have lately been subjected to posts about worms, chickens, and now fried Spam. Maybe we'll get back to more 'girly' stuff soon. And hey, today is the first day of summer...go grab a strawberry slush from Sonic and try to erase all of this from your memory.)

5 thoughts:

Sarah-Anne said...

hahahaha, i can't believe that you like spam!! ew. ;)

Abby said...

:D I haven't had Spam in a long, long time. But it does look good!

p.s. my sister once put salt on spam. :P

Eyebright said...

I have to admit that I do like spam! In fact, one of our favorite ways to eat it is what we call Mac'n'Chee with Spam and Pea. It's kind of explains itself. Cube and fry the spam, then mix it with macaroni and cheese, with a good helping of peas!

Hope said...

Erin, have you ever checked out Spam on Wikipedia? You'll find out much more than you ever really wanted to know about Spam. There is even a Spam museum! The important thing are not alone! Michael and Hannah love the stuff, while the rest of us...not so much....Enjoy!!

Elissa said...

*GAGS AND DIES* I was subjected to eating fried spam and fried okra two meals a day 4-5 times a week every summer (okay, so only like a week or two a summer) at my grandmother's house. And I *do* detest, loath, abhor that nasty *gags* (sorry) meat-like substance. Now that I am nearing 19 I can respectfully decline when fried spam is passed around, something I am very very thankful for! :) :)

You REALLY like that stuff. Just look up what it's made of, and I dare you to eat it again. :)