It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


As Promised

First up, before you take another step, I would like all of you to check out Vicki's fun movie quote quiz here (there's even a prize involved). Vicki, I meant to share this in the last post like I said, but it slipped my mind--forgive me? ;)

Okay, let's get this show on the road revealing the never before released photos of the blog author and her sisters wearing their springtime dresses. We'll call it a bloggity-blog fashion runway.

Or you may simply call it photos of the blog author and her sisters wearing their springtime dresses. It's completely up to you.

On the far right, we have Elisabeth in her yellow and white number that caused the sunshine to smile at its prettiness. (That last part was tacked on for effect there. I actually don't know if the sunshine smiled or not. Or if such a thing is even possible).

In the middle, we have Miss Ellie in a lovely green/brown/blue dress that her sisters applauded as one of the prettiest they had ever seen.

And on the far left, we have the blog author. I really don't know what to say about her.

The twin sisters then decided to have a photo made of the two of them together. *glances up* Ahem, I said sisters.

Oh well, just roll with it. Here is a photo of the twin sisters...and their little brother. Who they happen to love to pieces and so did not mind the intrusion.

And here they are again. Oops, Elisabeth is looking away. Focus, sister, this is for a blog post and thousands upon thousands of readers (cough) will notice that you ignored the camera lens to glance at something far less important than said blog post. Tsk.

Oh, that's better. Well, that is all, friends. I hope you enjoyed this bloggity-blog fashion runway.

Or the photos of the blog author and her sisters wearing their springtime dresses if that's what you called it. Completely up to you. ;)

Hope that you all had a very blessed Easter Sunday!

6 thoughts:

Angel said...

What lovely and bright and cheery colors! You all look beuatiful! :D
Have a wonderful day!

Alexxus K. H. said...

Love those dresses! They're so gorgeous (and modest!) - but I thought you were in the search of a yellow dress? I thought this post was suppose to reveal your splenderifc find. Little disappointed *sigh*. All well *perks up* I'm over it. I thought you looked perfectly beautiful anyways, so it's not that much of a downer. ;) ;)

Alexxus K. H. said...

And shall I point out that in picture #2, your eyes were diverted from the camera lens. Tsk tsk. After all thousands upon thousands of viewers saw your attention somewhere else. ;) ;)

Aw, I'm sure Elisabeth will forgive you, m'dear Erin. Love ya!

Bailey said...

So beautiful! Easter isn't Easter without the addition of beautiful spring dresses.

Love you!

My word verification is "blessee." Is that something you sneeze or something you say in response to a sneeze? In any case -- blessee.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Y'all are so pretty!

Erin said...

Angel- Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful day as well! :)

Alexxus- *ducks head* You're quite right...I was planning to find a yellow dress when this happened:

Glad you weren't too disappointed though. *smile* And you are indeed right again...I pointed out the mote in my brother's, er, sister's eye when I had a beam in my own. (Luke 6:41) *hangs head* ;D Love and hugs!

Bailey- Thanks! :) Haha, blessee. I like it. *mentally logs word into vocabulary* Love you, too!

Julia- Thank you very much! :)