It is a truth universally acknowledged that a rainy day becomes much cheerier when one is in possession of a turquoise umbrella.


{Tuesday Lovelies}

The following are a few 'things' (for lack of a better word) that I am finding quite lovely on this fine Tuesday morning and wanted to share:

1. Our new vinyl floor in the living room. It looks like real hardwood, a nice change from the ten year old carpet we had previously.

Did I mention how great the acoustics are in there now without the floor being carpeted? *nods* Oh, yes. Makes for a great place to sing that “Ahh ah ah ah aha aha aha a” song from the opening scenes of The Little Mermaid. (You have it stuck in your head now, don’t you?)

Unfortunately, the rest of the family doesn’t really seem to appreciate my vocal gymnastics, so I’ve had to limit my Little Mermaid solos.

2. The weather is growing warmer and little "spring-like" happenings are already taking place. The above yellow dots are baby spiders that have just hatched from their egg sack and are about to venture out into the big, wide world and make webs for themselves. How sweet. Cue the 'Charlotte's Web' music now.

"Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder."
—E.B. White

3. Magnifying glasses. 'Cause they're just magnificent like that.

4.Little brothers that don brown hat and glasses in an attempt to look studious and scholarly. And only succeed in looking downright cute.

5. Big orange cats that are not supposed to be in the house and certainly not allowed on the bed. This cute little 'paw over eyes' often happens when we speak of tossing this guy back outside. Here's how he works it:

Oliver: *Resting peacefully on Erin's bed*

Erin: "Oliver, if you think I'm going to let you stay in here any longer, you're dead wrong."

Oliver: *Cutely covers eyes with one paw, shutting out Erin's harsh words*

Erin: "Um, okay, you're slightly wrong. Sorta wrong? Not wrong at all! Okay, you just stay there for as long as you want. There's milk in the fridge if you need it." ;) I don't know what their real name is. They're growing by the thousands outside, creating many fields of purple. It's a cheerful sight amidst the dreary shades of winter gray. Some have the nerve to call them weeds and I stiffen. They are not weeds. They are tiny little bundles of joy that need someone to stick up for their femininity.  Beyond that, you offend my four year old heart as these flowers made up my Mother's Day bouquets at that age. 
You don't give your mama a bouquet of weeds. 

Thus, I repeat, they are not weeds.  *waves picket sign* ;)

7.What is so beautiful and wonderful and pleasing about this scene? It's quite simple. They are in. I am out. We happily co-exist in peace and harmony when we have this arrangement. It is not nearly as lovely when Wesley lets these guys out to roam free. Why?

Because the rooster hates me. Chased me around the other day for no good reason at all...and I was flapping and squawking about as much as he was. You don't injure my dignity like that without the intense dislike becoming mutual.

8.The blossoming reminders that Mr. Winter will soon be packing his suitcase and making way for Spring.

9.The fact that every month is drawing us closer to 2012. It might as well get here as fast as it can because, for some odd reason, I'm wanting to date everything 2012 anyway. I have to catch myself by saying, "Um, Erin, hon, that's a little premature." Yeah, just a little.

10.Faded, weathered barns that beg for a photo shoot as soon as it warms up just a bit more. Providing I can haul a sibling out there. If not, maybe I can just drag Oliver the Cat into it. He owes me big-time for my generosity anyway.

11. Big red-headed woodpeckers that just sport the awesome-est 'do' evah. He puts Elvis Presley to shame, I tell you. It would likely offend his masculinity, but wouldn't it just be the finishing touch to pin a little turquoise barrette up there? ...Very snazzy, don't you think? ;D

What about you? Any Tuesday 'lovelies' that you would like to share?

7 thoughts:

Beth said...

Just adore all your lovelies! Great pictures!

Bethany said...

Cats often find the hearts of people who don't like cats. Especially on their beds.

((love the picture of the barn))

I do think 2012 sounds nicer than 2011. 2011 just doesn't fit. Especially when you write 2010 all the time. ;)

(I reply to your e-mail soon. :)

Marieanne said...

love the pictures! :)

Kara said...

The *lovelies* are just lovely, dear Erin!

Love the pictures..

You're lucky to be getting spring weather. We're supposed to get a snow-storm. Ack.

Julia said...

Lovely pictures! And yes, now I have the Little Mermaid song stuck in my head. Joy. ;)

Vicki said...

OH, you're lucky ... beautiful flowers! Everything here is still sodden and melancholy ... *sigh.* But at least the robins are here!

I don't have any lovelies to share, but I did just want to say that I really enjoy your blog. :-) We do have a lot of things in common - that's fun! :-D

Have a wonderful day!

Love in Christ,

P.S. I don't know if it would be good for his vanity, but Oliver is a terribly handsome cat ...

Erin said...

Sis. Beth- Thanks so much!

Bethany- Agreed. I think that I'd much rather just skip to 2012 than have to erase every time I write the date. It would save a great deal of time and trouble...for me, at least. ;)

Marianne- Thank you! :)

Kara- Thank you, dear! Oh no, I am sorry. :( We're not getting any snow, but yesterday a tornado touched down in the li'l town we live near. :O It was quite rough weather.

Julia- Thank you! glad I could share. ;)

Vicki- You're one up on us then, because the robins have yet to visit us. :) And thank you...I enjoy your blog very much as well! It is very fun to have so much in common!

(lol I shan't share the compliment with Oliver as his furry head would likely swell even more, but I shall say thank you in his place ;)).