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sweetness personified

Yesterday was an exciting day for me, y'all. I received my very first ring.

It was silver.

It was shiny.

It conspicuously resembled a key ring. 

This lovely gift was presented to me by a certain, very special young man. He is almost five and you might remember his dashing good looks from a recent post.

I appreciated his thoughtfulness so very much and was thrilled to see that my new ring fit perfectly.

He, however, was apologetic. 

"I'm sorry that it doesn't have a diamond on it. I couldn't find one."

I love my ring.

And I love this boy. 

Note: Thanks a bunch to everyone who has entered my giveaway!

8 thoughts:

Kara said...

Awww! That's so sweet! I love the idea of the "ring"!

So cute!

Beeson Girls said...

That is TOO SWEEEEET!!!!! <3<3<3
Your brother is SO cute! <3

Bailey said...

Awww. That last picture melted my heart!

Bethany said...

How sweet. :) I'd give anything for my little brother to give me a ring... ;)

Ali Holmes said...

Awww that is so sweet. I'm new to your blog and I LOVE it!

Beth said...

Ahem..... You might not want to tell his girlfriend :) I have a feeling she would be a smidgen jealous!

Autumn said...

SO sweet! I was recently proposed to by a 10 year old with a personalized key chain. =)

Hannah said...

awe! so sweet!