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Photo Challenge Entry...and My Needless Struggle for Self-Control

Kara is hosting a fun Photo Challenge and the category is is my entry:
I took this with the camera on my cell phone awhile back on our visit to an old-fashioned diner in North Georgia.

It was delicious.

Oh boy, I probably shouldn't be staring at it though. I'm not hungry at the moment, but that tall, refreshing glass of Coke with the ice stacked so high you can hear it clink. I want it. I
really, really want it.

But I will resist. It is late at night and drinking a tall, refreshing class of Coke will only keep me awake. So...must... have...some self-control...


Oh, wait, no Coke in our refrigerator.

I believe this issue has been nicely resolved for me. :)

6 thoughts:

Kara said...

Awesome picture, Erin! Great job!

lol :)

Bethany said...

You took that on your cell phone?!?! You wouldn't see a picture better than that on a camera!

At the moment you mentioned the coke...and we do have some in the fridge... (Bailey is over by me doing History and moaning over how hungry she is. :)

Vicki said...

Ha ha! The burger is doing it to me -- that juicy meat, with the "grill" taste still fresh on the outside; the soft cheese that sticks to your teeth; the crisp tomato and sour pickle; the sesame seeds on the bun ...

I'm hungry ... ;-) That is a beautiful photo, BTW!

Love in Christ,

Erin said...

Kara- thank you so much! :)

Bethany- Yes, I was very pleasantly's not an expensive phone or anything, but it does take good pictures! BTW, I hope Bailey took a snack break...doing school while being hungry is just no fun. ;)

Vicki- Thanks! lol Okay, so I haven't had breakfast yet, and just reading your comment is making my mouth water. ;)

Anna said...

lol:) Yes. That's a good way to end your battle for self control. :) Good picture too! (Although I'm not one to know much about photography...)

Erin said...

LOL Wasn't it though? ;) And thank you!!